Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Alpha Female

Dating-An-Alpha-FemaleThe alpha female has a great ability to make men chase her. The alpha female's talents are special, and consequently, chasing her could be your biggest dating challenge ever.

The alpha female is a dominant and assertive woman and a natural leader. Achievement is the focus of her life and most relationships are secondary. She is intelligent, driven, physically fit, and confident. The alpha female is a woman who is on top of her dating game and can smell fear in a man. She practices making herself look good and doesn't make it easy for you to pick her up.

The alpha female is a busy woman, or at least she is very good at making you believe that she is. She likes to have you at her beck and call and wants you to work around her schedule. The alpha female is used to having men pursue her and give in to her every demand and always has several men on the go, keeping her options open.

On dates with an alpha female, don't be surprised if roses and candy don't impress her. An alpha female's expectations are higher than most women, so you will have to be a little more original to get her attention. You never know what she will say, so be ready for verbal altercations. You normally don't have to worry about who should pay for a date with this type of woman. She will usually go dutch because in her mind, if you never treat her, she'll never owe you anything. An alpha female might not call you back very often and she may date other men, but if she decides that she wants you, she will show you strong signs that she is interested to encourage you to keep pursuing her.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Top 10: Alpha Male Traits

In human societies, the term alpha male can mean very different things. However, in the dating world, Alpha male is a term that refers to a good-looking guy with a great build and a relatively high socioeconomic status who seems most at ease with women and can essentially date any woman of his choice. If you want to follow in the footsteps of an alpha male, see which of these 10 traits you lack and adjust your behavior accordingly.

1. Alpha males are constantly unavailable, unpredictable, untamed, make no excuses for who they are and can't be tied down.

2. Alpha males act like men around women, not wusses.

3. They aren't afraid to show their masculinity, male confidence and sexuality.

4. Alpha males don't need to gain female approval and avoid being overly nice.

5. Alpha males don't have to trade money or gifts for sex.

6. Alpha males always control the relationship

7. Alpha males flirt easily and are not bashful about looking at a woman's body.

8. Alpha males are natural leaders, not followers.

9. Alpha males don't care if they score with a particular woman, because they know that there are many others waiting in line.

10. They aren't desperate- they want sex, but they don't need it.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Maintaining Confidence

sexually-confident-manA sexually confident man is one who is confident and secure about his sexuality, has an enhanced self-image and is comfortable being who he is instead of constantly changing his behavior to fit into society's current format. But you do have to tap into your natural masculinity and let women be able to see it.

Sexually confident men aren't afraid to be themselves or to exert their natural sexuality, independence and individuality. One of the best traits of sexually confident men is that they enjoy being a challenge to women and and always assume that they're "the catch." Sexually confident men are gentleman and are never abusive toward women and love the company of women and treat them very well.

A sexually confident man is also a self-assured man. Being confident is so much more attractive than a wuss of a man who looks nervous and ready to run. Women are naturally drawn to confident men because they make them feel safe. Sexually confident men have great personalities and know when to use subtle humor and when to be serious. Women love humor and will come back for more.

You don't have to be a professional bodybuilder or look like a movie star to be sexually confident and attract women, but keeping yourself up is a must. Sexually confident men aren't afraid to be themselves or to exert their natural sexuality and don't really care what society thinks of them. And women can't keep their hands off them.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

How To Escape The Friend Zone

It's amazing how many guys get stuck in the "friend zone." Getting out of this mysterious zone can seem impossible at times, but it is possible once you stop acting like her buddy and start taking action. Here are 3 steps for getting out of the dreaded friend zone and becoming someone she WANTS to date.

1. Ask her for advice about other women you’re interested in

When you begin asking your friend for advice on dealing with other women, she may actually be shocked to know that other women have peaked your interest and that you're not just there to listen about her feelings anymore. By openly talking with her about other women and how hot they are, you'll definitely begin creating feelings of uncertainty and jealousy with her that weren't there before.

2. Tell her you want to be “just friends” and make yourself scarce
You might think this is a bit drastic, but remember you're trying to completely shift the nature of your relationship, so it’s necessary to have her completely change the way she thinks of you. Simply tell her that you want to be just friends and become more upbeat and busy. Remove yourself from her immediate radar and begin working on becoming the kind of guy she would find sexually enticing.

Don’t get together with her at the drop of a hat anymore. Wait a day or two or three to return her phone calls. Let her wonder where you are, whom you're with and where you're going, and she will hope to cross paths with you more often than you think. Then, after a few weeks, reconnect with your female friend, casually mention a few of the new female friends that you now have.

3. Start dating other women
Now that you've set the foundation for getting out of the friend zone by creating an attractive lifestyle where she can’t help but be drawn to you, it’s time to start dating other women. It may take some time, but watching you romance other women and will drive her absolutely crazy.

It's a funny thing, but women are highly competitive when it comes to in-demand men, and seeing that you have other women who want to date you and are actually happy with you will send her a strong message that will make her rethink her decision to pass you up and put you in the friend zone in the first place. Trust me, if she has any true feelings for you, she will actually begin pursuing you!

Overcoming Rejection

How does a man deal with rejection? The answer is simply-- don't worry about it.
There are women out there that will like you--you just need to find them! -but the trick to almost eliminating rejection is that out of all the women you meet, ONLY go after the ones who actually like what you have to offer.

A woman who truly likes you will make time to be with you and will never be too busy for you. When you're interacting with various women, observe how they act around you and how they react to you . If a woman smiles at you a lot, touches you, etc...you'll know you're on to something.

If you notice these signs of flirting, show her you like her by flirting a little. If she flirts back, she's probably interested. If she doesn't she might not be romantically interested in you. Don't get down. Remember meeting women is about numbers, so continue to improve your self-confidence and go out and meet as many women as possible.

Consider rejection as a "second opinion" of sorts. A woman who rejects you might have sounder judgment in the matter of a possible relationship than you do. She may have good reason to believe that the two of you are not suited for each other, saving both of you grief and pain in the future. This just means that she was not meant for you and absolutely doesn't mean you are worthless as a person--just that you should find somebody else.

When meeting new women, keep in mind that you can't win them all, but remember--The right woman will tell you if she's interested if you pay attention to her.

How To Talk To Women Without Being Rejected

So what do you do when a woman rejects your attempt to start a conversation with her?

If you approach a woman and she doesn't want to talk to you, give yourself credit for trying. Pat yourself on the back and move on. You don't know what's going on in her life -- she could have a boyfriend, or just be having a bad day. Either way, it might not have been you.

Going out of your way to talk to a woman shows desperation. Imagine what it's like to be a woman for a moment and you notice a guy walking up to you in your peripheral vision. Most of the time, a woman will know what a guy wants before he even opens his mouth. So he's actually telegraphed his intentions just by the way he walked up to her. Most women don't like being "hit on" or having a man express sexual interest until they're attracted to him first. So if you walk directly up to a woman out of the blue, generally you're expressing your sexual interest by doing that.

When meeting men, most women prefer it when a meeting and interaction just "happens" in the moment, whether accidentally or by crossing paths. The idea is to use honest conversation starters without pick up lines. Keep the conversation interesting and focus on her and really listen to what she says. Then, follow up with another question that goes along with what she just said. When this method is properly applied, it will keep the conversation interesting.

Be sure to close the deal-- meaning, ask for her phone number. A good, respectable way would be to say something like "You're really easy to talk to, can I have your number so that we can talk again sometime?" or "I had a great time talking with you and I'd like to see you again. Why don't you give me your number so that we can do this again?"

When meeting new women, just because one tells you "No thanks " doesn't mean it's the end of the world. In reality, women who reject you are really just strangers who have no idea what a nice guy you are. There are women out there that will like you--you just need to find them!

Attracting High Quality Women

To attract a high-quality woman, you must first build a high quality life of integrity for yourself that brings great satisfaction. Improving your quality of life is all about developing on your existing strengths. Showing women that you are a truthful, sincere and respectful man can do the trick. Your lifestyle decides the type of person you are.

For example, if you spend every weekend in the bars and strip clubs, you will not have many high quality women seeking you out. When trying to discover the best places to meet single women, However, consider becoming a regular at some of the upper-class events like jazz concerts or becoming active in some of the more high-profile and respectable honorary activities in your area. Being seen at events like these automatically places you in the vicinity of the proper class of women who will notice you. Develop a social circle that gives you a ton of activities to participate in that you enjoy. Improve relations with your family. You'll feel much better, and more content.

A high quality woman is somebody who would really catch your attention, especially with her physical traits. Keep in mind that in return she will be expecting you to look your best for her also. Good looks has a lot to do with personal hygiene and how well you take care of your body. Wearing good-looking and appropriate clothes is as important as keeping your nails clean and manicured (yes, manicured) and your nose hairs from showing. A woman who is a go-getter will look for a man who holds similar beliefs.

The equation is very logical – the higher your own quality of life, the more you'll attract high class women. But always remember, A WOMAN WILL NOT FULFILL YOUR LIFE. You must fulfill your own life.

4 Reasons Women Date Jerks

Single women often say they want a good man although very few believe they can find one. Those who don’t have a good man usually insist that they do while many more women reject a truly good guy without a thought. It is not that women deliberately look for jerks, but rather, they're attracted to certain behaviors that satisfy their genetically programmed mating instincts. Here are 4 reasons why women keep kicking nice guys to the curb and welcoming in the jerks.

1. They have daddy issues

Although a lot of women who come from stable families date jerks, the most common reason a woman becomes addicted to and stays in an abusive relationship is because of the absence of her father from a very young age. Usually, this emotional void leads women to get involved with liars, mooches, criminals, drug addicts and cheaters to fulfill this void. And when they find men like this, they become so attached that they'll just take any abuse thrown at them.

2. Nice guys are boring to them
Nice guys are often seen as a pushover who can't say no to anyone and allows himself get walked on. Because the nice guy doesn't practice being a challenge and says yes all the time, women don't trust or respect them, become bored and eventually turn to the dominant, untamable jerk who can make them feel excited -- not bored.

3. Jerks are mysterious and spontaneous

Nice guys feel that the only way to impress a woman is by telling her everything about themselves within the first few dates. Some men even go as far as telling their whole life story within the initial ten minutes of their first date, scaring women away in the process. Jerks who are not accountable for their actions, their words or their time reveal only the essential information needed in order to keep a woman's interest level high, keeping women flocking to them in swarms.

4. They're emotionally immature
Emotionally immature women simply don't appreciate good men. Emotional suffering and drama are a lifestyle to them and they tend to attract and be attracted to jerks and remain in relationships that are destined to fail. Bad relationships, pain and disappointment is usually all they have known when dealing with the opposite sex and someone, at some point in their lives has imbedded the thought that this is all they deserve. These women with emotional baggage are more likely to act abusive, manipulative, and neglectful themselves the few times they are in good relationships with nice men.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

5 Signs You're in the Friend Zone

Many men believe that by acting as a woman's best friend or love counselor, they can somehow become her knight in shining armor and
“backdoor ” their way into her heart or her bedroom. This may work well in Hollywood, but in real life, you’re just kidding yourself. You’re a “friend,” and she doesn't want you for sex.

In real life dating, it's much easier for women to place men into the category of “friends” rather than admit them as lovers. In fact, for a woman, a male friend is the best of both worlds: She can reap all the benefits of having a man around without admitting him as a lover. So how do you know if you’re trapped in the "Friend Zone"? Here are 5 signs.

She doesn't bother looking nice for you

Women generally put a lot of effort to their personal grooming for the guy that they are interested in, so if she doesn't try and fix herself up for you when you're around her, take this as an indication that she wants to be "just friends" and has no romantic interest in you.

2. She constantly talks about other guys around you

She asks you for advice about different men she’s attracted to and constantly tells you about all her problems with them. When a woman you're interested in becomes comfortable enough to openly talk to you about all her problems with other men and asks you for advice about the guys she’s attracted to, she doesn't see you as a potential lover.

3. She tells you that you're like a brother to her

If she tells you that you're like her brother, she sees you as a male friend that she can have around to protect her at all times without the hormone-based entanglements that sex brings to the table. She'll say things like: “I feel like I can talk to you about anything,“ “You‘re really a nice guy,” “You‘re just like a brother to me,” “You‘re my best friend,” and “You understand me”. Remember, you may understand her, but the bad boy she's making out with doesn't.

4. Your compliments don't affect her

Women always feel happy and rejoice for compliments from guys that they actually like. But if all you get is a simple "thanks," you are definitely stuck in the friend zone.

She tells you“I don’t want to risk losing what we have”
You build up the courage to ask her out and she hits you with one of these lines: “I don’t want to mess up our great friendship,” “I'm just not ready for a relationship right now,” “I don’t want to risk losing what we have,” and so on. Then, shortly after rejecting you, she tells you excitedly, “I just met a really great guy!

Is there any way to escape the friend zone? It’s not easy, but not impossible.
Check out our article on Escaping the Friend Zone

Bachelor Pad Essentials

Your bachelor pad is the place where you stay and as you're dating, eventually the woman in your life will want to come by and check it out. Before she does, here are some things to keep in mind.

A woman should feel comfortable in your place, so keep it clean and make sure it is entertaining. you don't want her to be offended by odors, so make sure you at least vacuum your floors. At a minimum, have a decent stereo, TV, and DVD/VCR. Avoid small love seats and invest in large, soft and comfortable couch, which is the focal point of your living room, and is the main place where you both will get to know each other.

Make sure your pad is clean and keep an interesting book or magazine around that can display your personality. Live plants can add color to your place also. Keep a good variety of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, at least one good bottle of wine and some good ice cream available also.

Framed art and photos will give her clues as to what your values are, who you are and where you've been. Pictures of family are good to have; however, avoid cheap posters and swimsuit model pics. When trying to attract high quality women, the right type of artwork , especially in the living room, bedroom, dining room and even the bathroom can create the right mood and let her know you're a suave gentleman, not an immature boy.

She WILL check out your bathroom, so keep you toilet, shower bathtub and sink absolutely spotless. Keep large and fluffy towels and avoid those small, thin torn up ones. Keep your stuff in cabinets out of sight and not cluttered all over you sink area. Avoid cheap personal products will make her think you don't care about or respect yourself. Keep only a few select items in sight like a couple of nice cologne fragrances, aftershave, toothbrush holder, etc..

Finally, when she walks by your bedroom door, she WILL check out the bed. Your bed should be at least be a queen size on a nice frame. A sexy single woman doesn't want to sleep with a man who is plain and boring, so keep attractive and comfortable looking sheets and comforter sets. Dark colors give off the manly impression you want to make.

Keep an extra new toothbrush just in case she decides to spend the night and lastly, be prepared and always keep a variety of condoms in your nightstand or dresser near the bed. After following these tips, you might actually manage to get lucky!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Importance Of Making Female Friends

Regardless of what type of relationship you are looking for, keeping attractive female friends in your life can improve your current success with women without having to deal with any kind of anxiety over approaching women.

Keep in mind we're not talking about being stuck in the FRIENDZONE here. What I'm talking about is making friends with women in order to tap into their psyche and to find out what they like the most, what their dislikes are, their mood swings, and many other important traits about their personalities. Being friends with women allows you to see them as having their own struggles and provides you an opportunity to understand them.

Having female friends allows you to see them as human beings and allows you to appreciate them on many different levels. Making female friends is one of the quickest ways to be comfortable in your own skin; however, being friends with women to generate attraction is not about listening to their problems with men or discussing makeup tips with them. Being friends with women means acting the way you do with your male friends.

A woman is usually good at distinguishing if you are frequently around women. Interacting more with women will help you to improve your social skills and learn exactly how to generate attraction with them without having to use old memorized pick-up lines.

Having female friends gives you practice at managing relationships and can dramatically improve your dating. Visualize your interactions with women as practice dates and you will begin to understand relationships as real-world bonds of trust between you and another person instead of a no-holds-barred sexual buffet of "what can I get."

Remember, having female friends is good thing. It gives you women in your social circle with whom you can socialize, making it easier to meet other women for possible romantic relationships. Keep these friendships intact and they’ll introduce you to TONS of available women.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

5 Dating Mistakes Men Make

There are some big mistakes that most men make when trying to figure out how to pick up women. Ask yourself if you've been guilty of any from the following list.

1. Lying to women about your intentions

Don't lie to a woman and tell her that you want to settle down with her if all you really want is sex. There are plenty of women who only want casual sex relationships.

2. Constantly needing a woman's approval of you
If the woman has a mind of her own, she will not agree with everything you say or do. Nobody really wants to date someone exactly like them and women definitely are not attracted to men who are being too needy. Be willing to disagree and with her and challenge her thinking also.

3. Being "Mr. Nice Guy"

You don't have be a jerk to pick up women, but you don't have to be extra polite just for them to like you either. You have to realize that sexy women are used to having men kiss up to them. Being too nice is usually a red flag to most women. Instead, just be yourself and don't be afraid to make jokes with them.

4. Talking negatively about yourself
Constantly listing all your faults and flaws to a woman is a sure to make her stay away from you for good! Put your best foot forward and remember, sometimes silence is good. Instead of talking too much about yourself, try listening to her more and encourage the woman to talk about her interests.

5. Wasting time with the wrong women
Don't get desperate and waste your time at the bar with unsuitable or unresponsive women just because they show a little interest in you. Use your instincts to know if a woman will be trouble for you and stop chasing them. Set clearly defined criteria of what you want in a woman. If the woman you're talking to doesn't suit your criteria, move on and find the type of woman you want to spend time with.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Top 10: What Makes a Man Attractive

what-makes-a-man-attractiveMost of the time, what leads a woman's initial attraction to a man is his physical make up. But once we get past the looks, what is it that keeps a man attractive in the eyes of women? Well, there's a lot more than meets the eye and gentlemen everywhere need to know the traits that make them attractive and make women want to be around them. Here are 10 ideas.

1. Smile

A great smile is one of the greatest attraction of a man. It breaks a woman's resistance and allows her to relax around you without any verbal language. This is why a man who is generous with his smile is guaranteed to be maintain a women-magnet.

2. Masculinity
What most women first notice are a your physical assets, but what lingers in their mind is your masculinity. It's in the way you move and talk that keeps a woman's eyes on you and creates her instinctive feelings of attraction.

3. Confidence

Confidence makes a man. Show her your male confidence and that you're self-assured, never backing down from any situation. Make her feel protected. There's just something about a commanding vibe and aura of authority that women seeking men can't resist.

4. Eye contact
A man who knows how to have eye contact is a man who knows how to communicate. It's the best way to show that you're listening to what a woman is saying. It also makes a woman feel special and cared for.

5. Aromatic sense
If a man looks good and smells even better, women are bound to swarm around him.

6. Having a sense of style
It's not the clothes that make a man sexy, but how he carries his apparel with confidence and ease that does. Clothes don't impress women; it's the man that makes those clothes look good on him that does. Avoid styles which are unattractive to women like tight leather pants, pants that are too big and socks pulled up to your knees with shorts.

7. Communication skills
Conversational skills are necessary for any man to succeed with women. He must know when and how to start up a conversation and carry it on intelligently.

8. Being able to cook
Most men have no problem when it comes to outdoor grilling, but when they can get down in the kitchen, that's impressive to most women.

9. Having sensitivity
Sensitivity means having a sense of empathy, confidentiality and trust rolled into one. When a woman confides something or expresses her feelings, she just needs an ear to listen so she can let off steam. However, too much sensitivity can be mistaken for femininity.

10. Having a sense of humor

A man with a good sense of humor automatically is considered sexy by women. Women think that if he can make them with laugh in public, chances are he can also make them giggle in bed.

Intimate Relationships

So you and your woman have reached a certain point in your relationship that allows you to get physical. The first sexual encounters in a new relationship can be both scary and exciting at the same time.

Between the two of you, you have the spark, the chemistry, the passion that it takes to build a good relationship. So how do you and your partner take your relationship to the next level?

Communication is one of the most important tools in relationship intimacy and should take place before the two of you are between the sheets. The two of you should have an open discussion about your intimate past. Things like the number of sexual encounters and sexual relationships you've both had and any risks for sexually-transmitted diseases should be discussed. Being honest can break down many barriers in your relationship.

Be patient and get to know your partner's body and physical features. You also need to tell your partner what kind of intimate wear you like to see and the very intimate pleasures you like. For example, If you like rose petals or to see her in skimpy thongs or you like foreplay, sensual massage techniques or certain love making positions, tell your partner. If your partner is really into you, then they won't force you to do anything that you don't like or not ready for. Remember, no means no.

Once your relationship has reached the intimate level, keeping your woman satisfied in bed is very important. Don't just lie there and let her do all of the work as doing this tells your partner that you want things to be rushed or that you're not really that into her for any reason other than sexual pleasure., e.g. "booty call".

Using these tips can help make that first intimate experience memorable.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Conversation Starters With Women

Conversation Starters With Women
Conversation is the most important tool used to create rapport with women. Women base things on feelings. So have you ever stopped to think how your words could make a woman feel? When meeting new women , here are some guidelines for conversation starters that will keep her feeling good and keep her interested in you.

1. Keep her talking about herself and
use her name. Don’t try to impress her. Don’t brag about yourself or you’ll get precisely the kind of woman you don’t want, the one who’s only into you for your achievements and possessions, rather than for who you really are. Women love to hear their name.

2. Don't discuss negative things that could arouse negative emotions. Being negative could destroy any chance of healthy conversations or potential good relationships with desirable women.

3. Do not get in the habit of complimenting her too much.
It is one of the signs of being needy and can work against you very easily. Don't put a woman on a pedestal--if she's so great, why is she talking to you? Treat women as your equal, not as someone better or lesser than you. You need to believe and act like you are just as much of a good man as she is a good woman.

4. Don't be afraid to disagree with her. Women don't respect a man that doesn't express his own opinions. Constantly agreeing with her is another sign of desperation.

5. Don't seem too interested. Yet another sign of desperation. Just be friendly until she has shown attractive personality qualities.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

5 Ways To Make Women Want You

Getting women to fall for you is not as hard as it may seem. Making women feel a deep attraction to you doesn't require expensive gifts, extravagant gestures or rock hard abs. In fact, all it really requires is a little charm and a few good manners. Mastering the following 5 qualities will set you on your way to becoming the man women will be fighting for.

1. Present yourself as the ideal man

One of the worst mistakes a man can make is being insecure, desperate and intimidated-constantly seeking a woman's approval. Women want the ideal man who is confident, self-sufficient and respectable. When you display these traits, along with maintaining strong eye contact, good posture and slow body gestures and movements, most women will take notice of you.

2. Learn to dress smarter

The first impression matters a lot and how you dress is a big part of the impression you create. Just like women use make-up to appear prettier than they really are, men can improve their appearance through their style of dress. Keeping yourself up and adapting a style that suits you sends the message that you know how to dress, you're unique, interesting, mature and successful. Most women love clean, well-groomed and stylishly dressed men because it shows that you are organized and can take care of yourself.

3. Make friends with women
Keeping friendships with women is one of the best strategies for consistently meeting women. In fact, making female friends can lead to you being introduced to lots of available women and will help you get over any anxiety you may have of approaching women. Women will more often talk to men who are with other women, so by keep these friendships intact, you’ll make HUGE headway in becoming the high-status guy women can’t get enough of.

4. Give them genuine compliments

Learning to fulfill a woman's craving for compliments will definitely set you apart from other men; however, most men mess it up and end up sitting alone at the bar. To compliment women the right way, the most important thing to remember is not what you say, but how you say it. Focus on the their values and what they deem important. Give compliments with a confident voice tone and a smile on your face and never underestimate the importance of eye contact.

5. Let them chase you

Quickly pursuing attractive women can often cause them to run away from you. Instead, stop chasing women and make them pursue you. Doing this will set you up as a challenge in their minds and cause them to be MORE LIKELY to want to be with you in a romantic way.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Dealing With a Jealous Girlfriend

handle-jealous-girlfriendSo you've had a relationship for a long time with your girlfriend and you love her very much, but there's a problem: she is a very jealous woman. A little jealousy is healthy and shows she cares enough about you to feel a little threatened by an attractive woman.

However, too much jealousy can drive a wedge between the two
of you and destroy your relationship. So when does jealousy turn into an attempt to completely control you? Here's some warning signs.

1. She always keeps tabs on you
She calls you many times a day to see where you are and wants to know who you're with and what you're doing. She checks your cell phone bill and call history for any suspicious numbers. She also regularly scans your online search history, checking to see who you've been talking with or searching for potential porn. She constantly goes through through your belongings when you're not around to include your dirty laundry, searching for telephone numbers, women's lipstick, etc.

2. She gets angry when you look at other women
She assumes that your attracted to everything in a skirt and attempt to limit your exposure to them because she is so afraid is she of losing you. Even when you assure her that you're only interested in her, she overreacts. Most women get more jealous of the women they look at than the ones you do.

3. She doesn't like your single friends
Everyone you know is a potential threat to her influence. Because she fears that they can entice you away from her, you come home and are forced to recount every second of your night, who you talked to, and how you could have even imagined going out with the guys. She may even start showing up when you do go out with friends, playing it off as a coincidence when she planned it all along. And now that she's there, you two might as well spend the evening together. Better yet, why don't you two just go home right now? Then she might even suggest that you don't have any friends at all!

4. She constantly accuses you of cheating on her.
In her mind, you're guilty until proven innocent. Even if you prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you're faithful, she refuses to listen to reason. She may apologize for her suspicions, but expect it to start again very soon.

5. She makes scenes in public
She displays her jealous behavior and makes accusations anytime and anyplace, whether in front of your family, friends, co-workers or out in public. She may even go as far as resorting to violence, slapping you, kicking you under the table, or pinching you every time you do something wrong in her eyes--behaviors which intimidate you to the point you feel that you have to lie all the time to keep her calm.

If your girlfriend displays these signs, she is a control freak. Being overly jealous and insisting that you're cheating might stem from her own thoughts of cheating. No man should put up with this kind of grief. If your girlfriend exhibits these signs, you may be dealing with a potentially psychotic woman, and it's time for some serious intervention.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Should You Take Your Ex Back?

So what happens if your ex-girlfriend broke up with you and dated someone else, and now wants to get back with you? Should you eliminate her from your life or should you get back with your ex?

First, you have to decide if you actually want to take her back. If she's interested in coming back, she was probably the one who ended the relationship in the first place. Look past the fact that you still have feelings for her and decide if you still want things to work out.

Before you decide you want to take her back, figure out it the two of you can make things work. Sometimes it's easy to forgive, especially when you are lonely, but don't forget what she did to you and hurt you. If she left you because she was interested in someone else she's likely to do it again whenever someone else comes along she thinks is interesting. Examine all the possible signs of a bad relationship and decide whether you can truly forgive her and if you can trust her.

Get the whole story. Let your pride and ego aside and ask yourself if you did anything to cause her to leave. Is it possible you didn't realize you were neglecting her and making her feel like she was being taken for granted? If she left because of something you've done, examine if anything has changed that can make the relationship work.

If you did, there maybe a chance you both can work things out if she's truly serious about committing to the relationship. If not, the relationship may fall apart again and you might be better off not getting involved with her again.

Not many people are that fortunate to get a second chance. If you do take her back, you must let the past go and work on the present and the future.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Choosing the Right Cologne

Just as a clean shave, a pressed suit and a great haircut help make the man, choosing the right cologne fragrance is as equally important. Finding the right scent to complement your lifestyle can enhance your presence in a room or group and also cause women to think of you as that great-smelling guy they have to have. So how do you begin looking for the right cologne fragrance that will attract the ladies and best suit your lifestyle?

Choosing the right scent is not always about what smells good in a magazine or using the same scents your dad use to wear. What you think smells good might be the wrong scent for you to use because of the way a particular fragrance changes from guy to guy, as a cologne's scent is the product of chemical reactions between the skin and the cologne's ingredients. Therefore, you have to find a good cologne that not only smells right on you, but also makes you smell unique and suits your lifestyle.

The first step in knowing how to find your signature scent is to understand what type of skin you have --whether it’s sensitive, oily or dry. Guys with dry skin should opt for stronger fragrances that are formulated to last longer in drier, colder times, thereby reducing the need for frequent reapplication which will further dry out and damage the skin. When it comes to buying cologne for sensitive skin, follow the same rules for dry skin, but also look for colognes that list all-natural ingredients free from synthetic fragrances. Oily skin responds best to cologne that is developed for summertime wear (lighter scents) to help balance out the stronger natural odors that your skin is secreting.

Almost every cologne designed for men is based on either strong notes of musk, wood, citrus or floral-based water. So when you look for a new fragrance, choose a base scent you feel comfortable wearing that also accentuates your own unique style and personality. Also, consider your lifestyle and the setting in which you plan to wear it. For example, if you’re in close contact with colleagues at the office on a regular basis, you’ll want to avoid anything that others could find overpowering or offensive. On the other hand, a scent that’s fit for the office is not appropriate for a night out at the clubs, which calls for a stronger scent.

Once you’ve played around in the fragrance department, ask a few women you know about the scents you’ve tried. If you're still getting less than desired results from your own selections, take your woman or a close female friend you trust to go with you and let her help you find the right scent for you with brutal honesty. After all, you’re not wearing a fragrance to please yourself, but to enhance your presence and to be appealing to the women who ultimately have the final say in what smells good on you.

Once you've found your signature scents, remember to pay close attention to how much you apply. Contrary to popular belief, putting on more of any scent is not the answer and no one, especially women, should ever smell you before they see you enter a room or round a corner. Simply apply a little to your neck, torso and the wrists to make the fragrance mix with your body's scent and radiate outward more naturally as the hours pass.

To find your signature scent, you’ll have to do a little research, but the results can improve your confidence and help you to become irresistible to women.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dating Single Mothers

Few dating scenarios can prepare you for the challenge of dating a single mother. The mere fact that she is a mother should tell you that she has experience with men. The single mother is confident of her relationship needs and will tell you upfront what she expects and wants from you. If you are considering dating a single mother, there are a few things you should know.

First, you must realize that when dating single mothers, there is more to the equation than the two of you-there is a child or children to consider too. Dating single parents can be equally challenging for someone who has never had their own children as it is for single mothers. In single parenting, her child will be the main recipient of her love. Can you deal with second place in her life?

As you're learning how to date single moms, be prepared for some unusual questions which may be a little personal. These questions are perfectly normal, especially if the single mother you're with is planning on introducing you to her children. They need to know as much as possible about you and your life. On the other hand, there are some instances where single mothers are nothing more than desperate women looking for a man to be the father to their children, to help raise them and care for them, to pay the bills, and to give her freedom from the kids for awhile.

Talking about her ex-husband or father of her children shouldn't be seen as inappropriate as long as you only discuss the things you really need to know. You have a right to know if the ex-partner is still an active presence in her life, either as a custodial parent or friend or a deranged stalker, a jealous ex-husband or a deadbeat father who isn't living up to his responsibilities.

When dealing with her children, expect some resistance and even some resentment no matter how sincere and likeable you are. Children of single mothers may have a tremendous amount of anxiety about meeting their mother's new boyfriend and could hate you and see you are a threat to their father, whether you intend to be or not. Exercise patience and compassion from the beginning and give her some time to sit with her children and tell them all how good you are to her.

There could be a significant reward to dating a single mother. She could end up as the most devoted and loving woman you ever meet. Dating a single mother may be a slow and steady process, but well worth it in the end.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

How to Become More Than a Friend

dating a friend
So the two of you are spending loads of time together, but how can you tell if your friendship is steady-or soon to be something more?

The thing about being friends with a woman first is that both of you have usually shared information about your past faults and relationships--information you probably wouldn't have shared if you both started out meeting in hopes of having a romantic relationship. If you want to start dating friends, there are some things you can do to let her understand that you are no longer interested only in friendship.

First, never express your feelings directly. Don't tell her that you see her as more than a friend. The way you make the change is by her confessing her feelings for you.

Don't be so readily available. Have enough going on in your life that no woman is a priority. Pursue your dreams, hobbies, etc., so your focus is mainly on yourself. Start noticing other attractive women when you are with her and commenting on it, but remind her that she is also very attractive. It's okay to compliment her like this while using your wandering eye. It also communicates that you find her attractive, but in a very detached way.

Talk about the things you require in a woman and give her conflicting messages that hint at your desire. This is a subtle way of qualifying her, developing relationship compatibility and will build her curiosity. Get her to talk about what makes a great boyfriend and what women want in a man. Listen to her and give her feedback. This will build her curiosity. Be comfortable letting her see your sexual side. After all she is your friend, but don't get hung up on topics like threesomes or you will seem like a pervert.

If you decide you really want to go the extra mile and start dating friends, do it step by step by slowly acting like a potential lover. Don't waste time chasing a woman that is not interested. The last thing you want to do is mess up a great friendship. It doesn't matter what exactly you will choose to do, you are always taking a chance that you will get rejected.

The longer she is thinking of you as a friend, you'll only have her in your dreams and continue to be stuck in the FRIENDZONE.

How To Rebuild When Your Relationship Ends

Ending a relationship is never easy. There can be some painful feelings that come when a relationship ends; however, there are some things you can do to speed up the healing process and to move on successfully.

First, you'll need a cooling off period. To recover from the break up quickly, stop feeling sorry for yourself and be determined and proactive in helping yourself get over her. Take all the time you need to get over her. For some men, dealing with a breakup may only take a few weeks to move on and others years. Remove objects that remind you of your past love and begin meeting new people.

Spend quality time with your family and friends. Talk about your relationship break up and feelings with the people who love you most and stick with you through the tough times. They will give you advice about relationships and encourage and help you to move on with your life.

Get out and try some new things. For examples, join some singles groups, try singles cruises or a singles vacation with some friends. This would also be the best time to exercise and look good. Getting your body back in shape and feeling comfortable will eventually give you the confidence to get back in the dating game, meet new women and rebuild your ego. In the meantime, enjoy being single for a while and resist meeting new women. A rebound relationship may ease some pain, but are usually doomed from the start.