Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Importance of Eye Contact

Approaching women is never easy. How you approach a woman and increase her desire for you involves movement, body signals, facial expressions placed at exactly the right moment and a healthy amount of confidence. But what most men fail to realize in dating is the importance of eye contact.

Eye contact is a very powerful, instinctual form of communication and it plays a crucial role in building attraction with women. The reason women like direct eye contact so much is that they feel like you are completely into them and that you are not afraid of them. A man who looks straight into a woman’s eyes without any hesitation oozes male-confidence and many women like this in a man. Your eye contact with a woman has to be strong, powerful, and has to really show your intent.

Women don’t trust guys who look nervous with their eyes bouncing all over the room. When your eyes are bouncing all over the place, you are telling a woman that you are looking checking somebody else out. Too many men also make the mistake of looking down when talking with women. Looking down shows women that you’re an insecure and weak man. Women will not feel secure around you, and they will actually start wondering whether or not they should continue talking to you. On the other hand, staring at a woman like a stone statue will make her think your some kind of weirdo.

About 80% of what you do and how you communicate with women is nonverbal. When you see that attractive woman that you would like to meet, look into her eyes and calmly maintain eye contact until she looks away. When you make eye contact with a woman, never look away first. Remember, women are looking for strong men and behaving submissively around a woman will make her lose her attraction to you very fast. Remember the laws of attraction. If she eyes you again and maintains the contact for a little longer--get up, make your way to her, and start a conversation.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Female Hot Spot

Most men are curious as to what spot they can touch to turn their women on and drive them absolutely crazy. Although almost every place on a woman’s body could be called an erogenous zone, a woman's lips are the most erotic place to get her started, so it’s useful to always start with kissing a woman.

The lips are the spot where the physical relation begins and rightfully so. This is the best place to show a lot of passion because she can meet it with her own passion. Kissing is one thing that a woman likes to do even before and after sex and it is very possible that a kiss will turn her on better than touching her anywhere on her body. If you know how to use your lips, your tongue and your teeth to manipulate her lips just right through kissing, licking, sucking and biting, you may leave a tingle in her body that could lead to a lot more.

4 Ways To Keep Mystery In Your Dating

Why is mystery such a key element in attracting women? It's simple. If they don't know much about you, they will spend time thinking about who you are, what you do, what you're like, and so on. And the more time women spend thinking of you, the more attracted they'll become to you. There are many ways to be mysterious and attractive, a few of which are detailed below:

1. Leave out the details

The problem with telling a woman too much up front is that a man will lose the mystique behind his character, which is one of the key elements to keeping a woman interested in you. When talking to women, be less forthcoming with details about your life upfront so you can give room for eager surprises later on.

2. Conduct interviews with women

On each date you have, keep the conversation going, but ask the woman more questions than you answer. You will remain mysterious as long as she keeps talking. Simply respond to the things your date asks you about, and then return the focus of the conversation back to her.

3. Never talk about the past

Don't bring up your ex during a conversation or talk about the fiance who left you. Furthermore, don't talk about your gay aunt, your sister's five children, or your mother's gambling addiction. Keep the past in the past.

4. Be knowledgeable on a lot of things

If your interests are too pinned down in one specific area, a woman will be able to read you like a book. So when a woman figures she knows you, surprise her by showing off your skills at something she’d never think you’d be good at. Doing this will keep her guessing, and thus intrigued.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Art of Foreplay

Every man should understand the importance of foreplay. Foreplay with your woman includes a wide range of activities to include hugging, fondling, undressing, kissing and performing oral sex; however, you first have to know how to set the mood, create the right environment and pay attention to romantic details.

Most women need prolonged stimulation in order to reach a state of complete arousal, and good foreplay will give them that. Keep in mind that giving your lady extreme sensations starts in her brain. Setting the mood right for foreplay includes making sure the room is comfortable with the lights turned down low and some soft music playing if you like. Tell her how beautiful she is and how much you appreciate her sexy body, and if she is wearing lingerie--don't be in such a rush to get her naked.

The key components to foreplay are going slow and teasing her. Begin caressing her and placing kisses all over her body. Continue to compliment her on how good she looks in her lingerie as you SLOWLY begin removing it. If she is satisfied with your performance, she will usually make sure that you are satisfied as well. Most men need to prolong foreplay to get an erection. Most women will need the same to become properly lubricated. As both of you become fully stimulated and reach your peak of excitement--it's time to start intercourse.

These are just some ideas to get your woman in your life going in the bedroom and there will be plenty more to come in upcoming articles. Understanding and mastering the art of foreplay will not only allow you and your partner to enjoy better intimacy, but may also help your woman reach orgasm easier. Never forget the importance of foreplay and remember--practice makes perfect.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dealing With a Stalker Ex-Girlfriend

So your ex-girlfriend was a very sweet person when you were together. She was a real catch and you two spent a lot of time together--went to ballgames, strolled through the park, etc... But the two of you grew apart and you broke up with her. She may have had a hard time accepting the breakup, but would you have ever imagined that she'd become a stalker?

Many women stalk their ex-boyfriends because they have a hard time dealing with the reality that the relationship is really over. The stalker ex-girlfriend may do things like call repeatedly or call late at night, leave notes at your home or send unwanted text messages and e-mails. You may begin seeing your ex in the same stores, the same bars, the same parking lots, or where you work.

In more extreme cases, the stalker ex-girlfriend may begin expressing their anger and frustration by using verbal abuse, vandalization and even use threats like hurting you or themselves if you do not do what they want. Psychotic women like this will do these things because they hope that by maintaining contact they can convince their former partner to take them back; however, stalking is a crime based in obsession and not passion.

So, how are you supposed to handle your stalker ex-girlfriend? First off, do not react to her. Friends, family members and neighbors can help you keep an eye out as well, but be sure you can trust those who you tell about your situation. Change your email address and if you need to block your new email address so she can't email you if its an option in your e-mail provider. If you use instant messages make sure to block her or her name so she can't harass you.

If you don't answer your phone or respond back to her eventually she will get tired, forget about bugging you and will eventually leave you alone; however, if she continues to stalk you or make threats, report it to the police right away. You need to have a history of complaints and write down the times and dates in order to cover your back if and when she decides to make false accusations against you. Make sure to save voice mail messages or e-mail messages and any other evidence you may have, to include keeping a copy of all incoming and outgoing phone calls.

In extreme cases, a restraining order serves as a wake-up call, letting the stalker ex-girlfriend know that you're serious about no longer wanting to see her. Keep in mind that a restraining order only works on people who are willing to follow it; it doesn't necessarily mean that you're out of danger. If you feel that she's still an explosive hazard, as a last resort it may be necessary to move to another city without leaving a trace.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dating Coworkers

dating coworkers
It's only natural to find yourself attracted to someone you work with closely day in and day out. Dating a coworker might seem like a wild, adventurous thrill ride that could make your workweek much more exciting; however, there are some things to keep in mind before indulging in an office romance.

The thrill of being intimate in the office during the day, after hours and when others aren't looking can be very exciting. While falling for a coworker isn't necessarily advised in any office environment, this holds especially true in a small workplace where everyone is into everyone else's business; however, smaller work environments can create the type of closeness that can lead to the development of a romantic relationship.

The real excitement comes in the early stages of the relationship and the smiles and occasional glances, flirting, playful jokes and letters and naughty e-mails will definitely bring some joy to your long, hard day at the office.

So how do you know if it's worth your while? If she's extremely hot, chances are you'll feel like the office stud with this new boost of excitement in your life. You'll have someone to confide in concerning your work-related problems. Likewise, you can be there for her when she needs to blow off some steam.

During private time, you don't have to worry about conversation starters because you'll always have something in common to talk about due to you both living and
breathing the same workspace every week. If the two of you have good chemistry, your normal lunches together can magically turn intimate with flirting, touching and maybe even lead to a quickie.

The downside of this type of relationship is that the more private time you spend together during work hours, the more you'll begin to alienate yourself from your other colleagues and the other guys in the office may become jealous of you when they catch on to what you're doing. If either of you decide that it's time to break it off, it's difficult to avoid one another in a small office. Jealousy may take its toll when you witness her flirting with other employees, going out on lunch dates and ultimately moving on with her life without you.

If you ended the relationship, she might try to make your life hell at work--and possibly try to get you fired. Distractions with these manipulative women can seriously harm your performance at work. If you gossiped about other coworkers with her or bad-mouthed anyone during your good times together, there's a chance that those comments will come back to haunt you.

If you don't believe that you can balance your career and a relationship with one hand, you might want to keep your business and personal lives separate. Make a professional decision by weighing the pros and cons of dating coworkers before severely harming your professional image.

Monday, August 10, 2009

5 Places Women Want To Be Touched

The largest amount of nerve endings may be packed into the vagina, breasts and butt, but women have pleasure sensors all over their bodies. Start making your woman feel special and get her in the mood by touching these often-neglected body parts during foreplay and sex, or just giving her some pleasure after a hard day.

1. Feet

There are few better ways to help her relax than to give her feet a good rub, especially if her job requires her to be on them all day. Do it right and grab some massage oil or lotion. Pay some attention to her toes, ankles and the sides of her feet too.

2. Hair

Running your hands gently through her hair is a surefire way to send tingles down her spine. Let your fingers massage circles from her temples to the nape of her neck and she’ll be putty in your hands.

3. Small of her back

When you’re alone, kissing or licking down her spine to end up with a kiss on the small of her back will get her heart racing.

4. Earlobes

Touching, kissing and even lightly biting the earlobes of your woman will up the bliss factor for her. These delicate, soft lobes are very sensitive and most women thoroughly enjoy the sensation of having a man’s lips on them. You can nibble around the outside of the rest of her ear as well, but avoid jamming your tongue inside her ear.

Inner thighs

Touching her inner thighs without venturing into the vaginal area will make for an excellent tease that is sure to get her in the mood. Use your hands and mouth to caress and kiss the insides of her thighs, getting excruciatingly close to her ultimate pleasure spot, but pull back before going all the way.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Top 10: Chivalrous Acts

being a gentleman
Women are always quite pleased to meet a real gentleman. Following these simple tips will allow the ladies to perceive you as a man of good breeding and taste, so begin elevating yourself by displaying chivalry and the following 10 mannerisms of a true gentleman.

1. Always open doors

This is perhaps the most basic rule of male etiquette out there. It is also one of the easiest to follow so you have no reason to forget it. Whether she is about to enter your car, restaurant, club, or anyplace with a door, you should always hold it open. If there are many doors, then hold them open one after the other.

2. Put her coat on for her

Always help a lady put on her coat. This is a simple but powerful action.

3. Help with her seat

If a lady arrives at the table and there are no available seats, you should stand up and offer yours to her. If an unaccompanied lady is sitting next to you, it is important that you help her be seated by pulling her chair out for her and gently pushing it back into place, with the lady seated of course.

4. Stand at attention

Always stand when a lady enters or exits the room. This rule has been somewhat relaxed, so you can stand upon entrance but remain seated upon exit. Nonetheless, if you can do both, you should. Furthermore, when escorting a lady (that you know) to and from social events, you should offer her your arm. This is a little more intimate, but serves well when walking on uneven ground -- especially if she's wearing high heels.

5. Ask if she needs anything

This is one that most guys already do, but helps complete the gentlemen in all of us nevertheless. When at social events, make sure to ask the lady if you can get her something to drink or eat. Show her that you care about her comfort and needs.

6. Always be polite

Even if you don't like someone, there is no need to lower yourself to their level. Be polite and courteous; show that you're the better man. Swearing is also a big no-no. It shows that you don't have the vocabulary to express your thoughts appropriately. Furthermore, it is always very crude and impolite to be vulgar. When you speak loudly, it raises the stress level among company. It always implies that you can't reason with people and that you have to rely on force to get your point across. It also draws negative attention.

7. Do not lose your temper

When you lose your temper, you are showing everyone that you can't control your emotions. If you can't even control yourself, then how can you possibly control anything else? It is not easy, but keep your cool at all times. It is worth the effort and people will take positive note of your levelheadedness. Let people finish what they are saying before adding your comments. Interrupting others is a sign of poor etiquette and a lack of social skills. If you want to come across as egotistical, you can do so by constantly interrupting.

8. Do not stare

Ogling someone is the equivalent of psychological aggression. You don't want to intimidate people for no reason.

9. Do not spit

Although lots of men do this almost subconsciously, don't spit in public. Spitting is very crude and not too pretty to look at. Do not spit in public unless you want to look like you were raised in a sewer.

10. Respect your elders

In fact, you should respect others as you would like them to respect you. I am specifying elders because it seems that today, young men think they know it all. Well, they don't. Just think of yourself five years ago... you're much smarter and experienced today, aren't you?