Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Importance of Making Women Laugh

Is there anything more attractive than a guy who can make women laugh? Using humor can relieve the nervous tension of first date jitters and level the ground between you, negate worries about "not being or looking good enough" and draw a man and a woman closer together. Even though some women fall for a guy's impressive job, savings account or his sexy body, the ability to make them laugh is a renowned dating and flirting strategy that works every time--if you know how to use it right.

Whether you realize it or not, humor is critical to your success with women. In fact, a sense of humor usually tops a woman's attraction wish list and is one of the best ways to turn her on. A woman who finds herself laughing along with your great sense of humor is a girl who is more likely to fall for your charms. Another key component of laughter is that when you’re funny around women, it presents you as the kind of guy who’s fun to be with, and if a woman is really interested romantically, she'll laugh at your jokes--even if they aren't funny!

Although laughter is a very effective dating technique, many guys get it completely wrong when they try to be funny around women. Guys who are desperately trying to seek a woman's approval do things like slap-sticky humor or act like a clown, making it obvious that they're trying to make her laugh and coming across as goofy or dorky. Not good.

In order to get a woman laughing and attracted at the same time, you have to get an idea as to what she may find amusing and tease her; however, this doesn't mean be a jerk. It means using gestures, facial expressions and voice tone to create a fun and flirty vibe and assume familiarity with her by doing things like mocking her voice, telling her funny jokes and stories and using your humor to break the touch barrier while making her laugh at the same time.

The only downside to this strategy is that when you're only teasing and making women laugh, you're not showing them the other parts of your personality. Humor is an effective tool, don’t get me wrong, but don’t rely on it to create attraction all by itself. When meeting new women, you don’t necessarily want to kick off every discussion with a joke. Instead, learn a little bit about the woman first and ask her questions, then once you’ve got her talking, you will gain access to more of her personality and seem like a more well-rounded and interesting type of guy.

When it comes to creating attraction, humor can be your most effective tool when you're talking to a woman. Not only will showing off your great sense of humor get a girl to laugh--it's bound to ensure that both of you enjoy your time spent together.

Monday, May 9, 2011

5 Skills That Impress Women

Women like a man who is confident in his abilities and can take care of himself (and them too if the need arises). They also appreciate an array of skills in men ranging from complex ones that show off masculinity to the emotional ones which indicate a guy's softer side. Although it's virtually impossible to impress every woman with the same one or two skills, here are the top five skills that impress women.

1. Being able to cook

Just about every woman is a little bit pleasantly surprised to discover that a guy can cook, actually wants to cook and seems to genuinely know what he's doing in the kitchen. You don’t have to start taking cooking classes, shop for expensive cookware or throw together an artistic dinner to impress a woman. Just start with a few basic recipes and practice them till they turn out right. As long the meals you prepare for her taste good and look and smell appetizing, you’re impressing her.

2. Being able to fix a car
Although not all men are crazy about engines or getting grease all over their sleeves and hands, in order to impress a woman, it is usually enough to be able to maintain a car correctly, replace a flat tire and diagnose basic car troubles correctly instead of opening the hood and looking confused.

3. Being able to speak a foreign language
A woman is bound to be impressed by a man who can speak a foreign language, especially when you just let it come up at the right moment. Apart from the fact speaking a foreign language requires certain level of intelligence and is a skill that is more difficult to learn as an adult, it is also a sign of worldliness, which intrigues women.

4. Being a handyman
It's very impressive to a woman when you're willing to get your hands dirty and can be relied upon to maintain a home and perform basic repairs.

5. Being able to converse with them

Women are impressed by men who can express their opinions and feelings in a masculine way. Unfortunately, most men don't realize that a woman's idea of communication means actually listening to what she has to say and understanding her, as well as relate to her problems without judging her or providing unwanted advice. When you learn how to listen to a woman and adequately express yourself, she will feel understood and respected and you will experience fewer communication problems in your relationship.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

4 Signs She's Playing Hard to Get

So you found a girl who really gets your attention. But one thing that you notice is that she seems kind of out of it, like she doesn't really want your attention. Or does she? Let's face it: Attractive women get a lot of attention and are approached all the time by men. They are often far too subtle and indirect -- or just plain confusing -- when revealing their romantic interest; therefore, they need quick, easy ways to figure out if you're either a self-confident guy who can see through their games or just another wuss that easily gives up at the first sign of resistance.

For a woman, playing hard to get is a game that is meant to drive men crazy yet keep them coming back for more. The trouble comes when guys don't know if a woman is playing hard to get or is just genuinely not interested in interacting with them. So with that in mind, here are 4 signs she's playing hard to get.

1. She tests you to see how long you'll chase her
You've gotten her number, but when you dial her digits, all you get is her answering machine. A couple of days pass, you call her again and she happens to answer the phone, apologizing for not having called you earlier because she was busy. She always has a full schedule (or pretends that she does). So what's the real reason why didn't she call you when she had the chance? It may be because she wants to be pursued, but doesn't want to look too available.

If you call a woman to set up a date with her, she may tell you that she is busy that particular night, to call her next week when her schedule is not as hectic. Doing this shows she's interested in going out with you, but containing her eagerness. She may even agree to go out with you on a certain night and then at the last minute, calls and cancels to reschedule. Although this is a risky move on her part, she may be checking to see how you will take the bad news and if you are still really interested in going out with her.

2. She flirts like crazy
, then stops
A woman who is playing hard to get will seemingly want to know everything about you i.e., quiz you about your family, your background, and your tastes in things like food, music and movies, then abruptly change the subject by moving the conversation elsewhere. More than likely, what she's doing is trying to catalog your interests so that she can slowly bond with you when she's ready.

3. She talks about other guys you don't know
Another sign a woman is playing hard to get is when she brings up co-workers from work or male friends and makes light conversations on how cute or funny they are in order to ignite a little jealously and make you work harder for her attention.

4. She teases you, then pulls away
If she smiles when you check her out, plays with her hair, leans toward you while talking and briefly stares into your eyes with passion to build up tension, then suddenly breaks away when you move in for the kiss or some neck action, she may well be playing hard to get and trying to see how hard you'll really work for her affection.

Playing hard to get is part of the dating game, not to mention the part that makes it fun; however, if she has your number, but is busy all the time and continuously makes no attempt to keep the window of possibility open with you, she's not playing hard to get--she's just not interested in you.