Tuesday, November 23, 2010

5 Grooming Mistakes Men Make

When it comes to grooming issues, men can be a little lazy. Whether you are going on a date or an important business meeting, you never get a second chance to make a great first impression. Taking note of the 5 common grooming mistakes men make will allow you to avoid dating slumps and help you look and feel your personal best.

1. Wearing too much cologne

While teasing a woman's sense of smell with cologne could double your dating, too much of a good thing can spell disaster. Find a cologne fragrance that meets your body chemistry and use two or three sprays on the wrists and behind the ears to keep you going all day and night.

2. Having unkempt nails

The state of your hands says a lot about your general cleanliness and hygiene. A woman loves a well-groomed man, and you can bet that she'll be checking out your hands and fingernails before she lets you rub them all over her body. Keeping your hands well-groomed doesn't mean that you have to get weekly manicures, but you should at least use a nail clipper to trim your nails and file them to make sure there are no blunt edges. Forgoing regular nail care can lead to uneven nail growth, unsightly fungal infections and many dateless nights.

3. Having Bad Skin

Many men lack a dedicated skin care routine. Consequently, neglecting basic skin care can cause faster aging and can be a real turnoff to women. You need to spend just a few minutes a day using a cleanser that's specifically formulated for your skin type (dry, oily or combo) in order to minimize any signs of aging and to maintain clearer, softer looking skin. Protect yourself from the sun by using a sunscreen that covers both UVA and UVB rays. Also, one should apply only high-quality razors and choose professional shaving foams/gels/creams to minimize unsightly irritation.

4. Having Bad Teeth

Bad teeth will lose you more women and sex than you’ll ever know. Bad teeth drastically change your appearance, and it's not very pretty. Get your teeth cleaned regularly by a dentist and invest in home whitening kits. If you have missing or broken teeth, get them fixed. Consider it an investment in your sex life.

5. Combing over thinning hair

We all know that losing your hair can be a killer for your confidence; however, it can be even worse if you try try to hide it. In the early phases of hair loss, a good hair stylist can help you minimize the appearance of bald spots; however, once you reach the point of no return, don't give into conventional wisdom and participate in the comb-over. Just shave it clean or go with what you have (with confidence).

Sunday, November 21, 2010

8 Ways to Improve Your Relationship

All relationships need a little pick-me-up sometimes--even the best of them. If you feel like your relationship isn’t quite what it used to be, here are some things you can do to improve it and keep your fire burning.

1. Improve your communication

There is nothing more important in a relationship than communication. The more you communicate with your woman, the less likely the two of you will get into arguments because you both will be able to talk about your problems instead of holding them in. Remember, if you can’t communicate, you can’t even begin to support one another in a relationship.

2. Take responsibility for your own happiness

This means taking responsibility for your own feelings and needs instead of trying to get your partner to make you feel happy and secure. Learn to treat yourself with kindness, compassion and acceptance instead of self-judgment. Don't lose yourself just because you are in a relationship.

3. Show her gratitude instead of complaining

Practice being grateful for what you have rather than focusing on what you don’t have. Constant complaining creates more stress in a relationship, while gratitude creates emotional, spiritual and physical health.

4. Laugh together

Mutual laughter is an essential component of a strong and healthy relationship. Romance is much better if you can see humor in the little things and can have a laugh together. So, make a conscious effort to incorporate more humor and play into your daily interactions with your woman and be willing to make a fool of yourself sometimes just to put a smile on her face.

5. Set common goals
Look for anything that’s common between the two of you and talk about ways to work toward that aspiration together. Sit down with your partner and set new goals., i.e health, comfort, happiness and so on. Share what you want your life to be about, where you want to end up and what these things mean to you.

6. Give her some space

When you love someone, you want to spend as much time with them as possible; however, it’s equally important to have some space and to spend some time apart every once in a while. Being apart not only allows you some freedom, but it will also allow the two of you to miss each other and is an ideal way to keep your relationship interesting.

7. Be spontaneous

You can ensure that romance never goes out of your relationship by doing things like sending her flowers for no reason, writing her a love note, or preparing her favorite meal for her when she least expects it. Being spontaneous also means trying new things out of the ordinary together to keep the relationship interesting.

8. Improve your sex life

If you really want to give your relationship staying power, give a little extra effort in the bedroom. There is no limit to the number of ways to have sex, so use your imagination and come up with as many new positions as you desire. There is always something that you haven’t tried, so don't be afraid to mix things up in bed and awaken her sexuality.

Monday, November 8, 2010

5 Reasons Why You're Single

There is a huge difference between the guys who get girls on a consistent basis and the one's who just can't seem to get attention from the opposite sex no matter how hard they try.
If your love life is on the skids, it’s safe to assume that you are probably guilty of one of these 5 blunders.

1. You’re too needy

If you want to run a woman off quickly, one of the best ways to do it is to be overly needy, i.e., excessively calling, emailing or sending text messages early in a relationship, always being available and doing everything she wants. Furthermore, women are not attracted to the type of man who needs too much support, validation, and constant reinforcement.

2. You don’t know how to build attraction

Many men fail in this area because they don’t know how to talk to women in a way that makes them more interested as time goes on. You need to learn the trigger points in women, i.e., how they think, react, and speak. You also have to know how to project your best qualities and use these to build attraction.

3. You're looking in the wrong places

Trying to meet women in bars and clubs is a waste of time! Many women do not like meeting men at bars and have a natural resistance to men who approach them in these settings. Some of the best places to meet single women are shopping centers, coffee shops, concerts and gyms. Women KNOW that guys who are in bars and clubs are looking for one-night stands, but they don't expect to be hit on in the above scenarios (element of surprise).

4. You don’t have confidence

Women are attracted to men with self-confidence, period. Nobody wants a guy who acts unsure of himself. A sexually confident man who is secure about his sexuality and is comfortable being who he is will always attract more women.

5. You’re not persistent

Second to not even trying, giving up too early is the most common mistake guys make. You may need to get rejected a few dozen times before you come across a girl that likes you. Remember, meeting women is about numbers, so continue to go out and meet as many women as possible to improve your chances.