Sunday, September 26, 2010

Making The First Move

Although there are aggressive women out there, most women women shy away from being the initiators in dating. Most women like to put men up to the challenge of approaching them by not making the first move and allowing the man to step up to the plate. Women want to be pursued and desired by men, so ultimately you must have enough courage to make the first move.

Over the years, society has taught women to play hard to get for fear of being considered easy. When it comes to dating, there's no doubt that making the first move is nerve-wracking, but you must realize that women want their guys to take chances i.e., asking them out, planning the evening, kissing them when they least expect it, etc... Although going out on a limb and risking rejection is frustrating, you'll get nowhere fast if you refuse to take the initiative and make something happen. What women want is to get physical with you, and they expect that you know when to make your move.

The key to making the first move on a girl is getting in the mindset first. You want the first move to appear comfortable yet spontaneous, and with the right preparation you can! You cannot make a move on a girl from five feet away, so get your confidence up, move closer and wait for a comfortable break in the conversation with her. How do you know she’s ready? You can’t be 100 percent sure, but you can get pretty close if you just pay attention. A woman will let you know she is open to being pursued, and if she doesn't say it out loud, she might just say it by simply using body language. She will be flirting more with you and will do things like moving closer to you and leaning toward you as you speak, showing some skin, playing with her hair or touching you both accidentally and on purpose.

If she likes you, she’ll ultimately create the moment. When you are reasonably sure she’s ready, put on the moves by wrapping your arm around her shoulders. Talk about nice thoughts with her while you do this and keep her calm. If she is talking to you intimately for a while and the two of you cuddle, take her hands in yours, draw her close to you and gently kiss her on the lips.

Some women will let you take charge when they're ready. You can start by kissing her neck and gently nibbling on her lower lip. Explore her neck and face with yours and note her reactions. Let things move along slowly and build at their own pace and don't go for the goods until you've spent some time earning them! Remember, the confident man who has a proper build-up and uses good form will probably sweep her off her feet; however, the guy who is rude during conversation and immediately pulls out a condom will probably go home alone. Women control the speed of the relationship, and in most cases they decide after meeting a guy how far they are willing to go with him. So if she asks you to go some place more private (like your place) make sure you're ready.

Each woman is different, so I recommend that you carefully observe your date's actions and body language to make sure she'll be receptive to your advances. Even though you may feel sure she is sending all the signals, the last thing you want to do is scare her away by coming on too aggressively (e.g., shoving your tongue down her throat.)

If she tells you that she has an early-morning meeting, or has some relatives staying at her place, she is probably telling you that this isn’t the right time. If she is not ready and backs away, don’t get upset and let the night turn to waste. Just continue to have fun and try to make that first move again at another time.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Worst Reasons to Get Married

Many marriages have ended in divorce because guys believed they were ready without having ever really considered what marriage entails. Most of these same men ignored their inner voice and walked down the aisle even when they sensed their relationship was doomed, only later to painfully discover that they made a terrible mistake. Marriage isn't something to be taken lightly, and a lot of guys walk into it for all the wrong reasons. The reasons below are some of the worst you can possibly use to get married.

1. Unplanned pregnancy

Getting married only because your girlfriend is pregnant is bad for everyone concerned, including the baby. If you want to be an active part of your child's life, you don't have to be in a loveless, unsuitable marriage of convenience to do it. Kids do not make marriages work.

2. Financial reasons

A marriage built solely on money and materialism is like building a house on sand. When the wind blows, your marriage will crumble. If money is the motivating force in a marriage it is certain to be an empty, cold relationship without affection.

3. Her looks

A beautiful woman may look pleasing to the eye and may have a body that is desirable, but at the same time might have a terrible personality that will make her very difficult to live with once the honeymoon is over. Deciding to marry a woman solely on the basis of her physical appearance could lead to a disastrous relationship. What a woman is like on the inside is always going to be more important than her outer beauty.

4. Family pressure

When family gets involved, whether it is pushing you to marry a certain girl or you are expected to marry a girl within a certain race or social status, there is a problem. Pressure from your family to finally tie the knot, provide grandchildren or someone to carry on the family name are never good reasons to get hitched. Determining if a woman is "wife material" should not be a group decision.

5. You're tired of being single

It is certainly better to be single than settling for a woman you don't truly love and being miserable. Being the only unwed guy in the group may feel a bit awkward, but it's nothing compared to the agony you'll feel by getting hitched just to ensure that you're not the odd man out.

6. It seems like the next logical step

Although the logical sequence of a man's life usually includes starting a great career, buying a nice car and having a nice house, marriage doesn't have to be one of the steps. Everyone takes different paths in life, and it's possible that yours doesn't necessarily include a walk down the aisle.

7. You owe it to her

Just because you’ve been with a woman for a long time, doesn’t mean that she is the one for you. In fact, some studies show quite clearly that the longer people date before marriage, the more likely they’ll get divorced.

8. Thinking you can make it work

There is a misconception that being married solidifies a broken relationship. On the contrary, it can actually emphasize what is wrong and create more problems in the partnership. When a man marries a woman because he wants to "fix", or "improve" her, there is going to be major problems.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Top 10: Female Turn Ons

Knowing what turns a woman on is one of the most important keys to a establishing and maintaining a good relationship. Unfortunately, most men do not know the true art of turning a woman on and fail when it comes to doing it the right way. The following is a list of the most wanted male traits that can turn a woman on and get her going.

1. Being able to make her feel like a woman
The majority of women are searching for an appealing man who recognizes how to treat his lady the right way. A man who respects a woman and appreciates her for who she is has the power to make her weak in the knees. Make her feel special, and she’ll go to the ends of the earth for you.

2. Being able to take charge

Women want men who know what they want and who will stand up for themselves, make their own decisions and take charge of any situation. Being a man and giving a woman a feeling of protection is endearing as well as arousing.

3. Being able to say "I'm sorry"

Being able to say "I'm sorry" when you are clearly at fault is a definite turn on for women. A simple apology when deserved expresses a deep kind of respect for her and shows that you are emotionally fair and considerate.

4. Knowing how to touch her

This is a HUGE part of turning a girl on. Most guys fail to realize the places women want to be touched. A majority of women prefer soft, tender touches and strokes all over their body until they get fully aroused. So learn some good massage techniques and gently try a few on her head, neck and shoulders to increase her sexual responsiveness.

5. Being able to hold your own

Women (especially successful ones) look for men who won't take them for granted, so financial stability is a huge turn-on for them. Women feel comfortable with a man who is ambitious and passionate about life and can support himself. Being self-sufficient reassures a woman that she will not have to handle everything in a relationship.

6. Being well groomed

A man who is well groomed holds an irresistible attraction to women. Women love a guy that can throw together a nice outfit with coordinating shoes, and who takes the time to style his hair and shave his face.

7. Being a gentleman

Chivalry isn't dead, and it s still very much appreciated by women. Gestures, like opening doors, letting her go in ahead of you, standing slightly when she leaves the table and helping her with her jacket, are all important to women.

8. Having a great body

Women are not nearly as fixated on this one as men are, but they are still turned on by a man with a great body. A nice set of pecs along with well-defined biceps and broad shoulders are part of the whole image women have conjured up in their fantasy-filled daydreams. A good athletic figure is not only a sign of strength and masculinity; it also reveals that you're keeping yourself up.

9. Being intelligent with a sense of humor

Women love to be with men who are smart and can make them smile and laugh. Laughter is really important in a woman's life and when you can hold an intelligent conversation and make her laugh, you give the impression that you are a sociable, attractive and humorous man. Most women want to be stimulated by someone who can tell a good joke and can challenge them intellectually.

10. Being a great kisser
Passionate kisses are love magnets that linger in a woman’s mind. Keep your kisses exciting by being spontaneous and by varying their intensity and duration. For most women, this deepens the connection in a relationship and supercharges their sex drive.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Attracting Hot Women

tips for attracting women
Every guy wants to date hot women. The problem is that most men are intimidated by beautiful women and have no clue what it really takes to attract them. Hot women get hit on all the time and have a ton of options, so in order to succeed with them, you have to find a way to stand out from the crowd. However, don’t think this is about money, fame or good looks. It’s about being different.

Hot women are attracted to masculinity and confidence, and if you don’t possess these traits, then quite honestly, your chances of attracting the hot women you want are minimal. Average guys are everywhere, and they don’t get noticed. Hot women don’t want needy, insecure and weak men. They feel attraction to men who are in control, strong in their own reality and make decisions without needing approval from others. Beautiful women don’t need to ask guys out because they have men coming at them from every direction, all the time. So if you want any hope of attracting these women, you have to take action and talk to them.

If a woman is hot, chances are she already knows it and she will move on quickly from a guy who doesn’t have the guts to approach, hold eye contact and have a normal conversation with her. So instead of falling all over yourself and being in awe when you're around a hot woman, completely ignore the fact that she is extremely good looking and treat her like any other person you might meet. This technique not only makes you seem “normal” to her, it also makes you seem mysterious and will spark her interest. She will then subconsciously think that you have a lot of options. You'll then create the impression that you are hard to get, and hot women find that kind of challenge irresistible.

Most women care more about the way a man carries himself than his looks. Hot women will pursue an "average" looking guy who is articulate, makes them laugh and knows how to have a good time much quicker than a man that may be a little better on the eyes, but is wearing a frown and looks uptight and unfriendly. Showing a woman that you have the etiquette of a gentleman is also a powerful way to stand out from the crowd, and small gestures from opening a door for her to pulling out her chair will set you apart from most of the other guys.

One of the biggest mistakes men make with women is being completely predictable. Being predictable instantly kills the main two things that all hot women are desperately searching for: excitement and anticipation. Women are naturally attracted to a man's personality more than anything else he can offer, so in order to attract hot women, be original, spontaneous and keep them guessing. Be creative and offer up fun things to do that they don’t keep hearing from other guys. Be a man with a plan and make your move.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

8 Ways To Keep Her Interested

Keeping a girl interested is something that can be a challenge to a regular guy. No matter how good-looking or funny you are, if you allow complacency to creep into your relationship, she’ll dump you without the slightest hesitation as soon as someone a little more interesting comes along. So how can you keep your girl interested in you and make sure she never leaves you? Here are some suggestions.

1. Be spontaneous

One of the best ways to maintain your girl's interest is to be spontaneous. Being spontaneous is a requirement for maintaining a good relationship because once things become predictable, things become boring--and once things become boring, the relationship is essentially over. Planning things like date nights and fun activities that both of you enjoy will help to keep things fresh and interesting for your girlfriend while giving the two of you an opportunity to create a deeper bond.

2. Keep yourself up

It is vital that you maintain high standards of grooming. While many men think that they only need to look their best at the beginning of a relationship, what they fail to realize is that the person she was attracted to was that well-groomed individual she first met. For this reason, if you let your standards slip, she will lose interest in you.

3. Be a good kisser

Another important way to maintain her interest is to make sure you are a good kisser. The art of kissing is very important in any relationship. In fact, many women put a lot of stock in a man’s kissing ability and some even claim that a first kiss is a solid early indicator of how the relationship will turn out.

4. Have a distinct scent

Smelling good is an important way to keep a woman interested. Having a distinct scent can make her feel safe, happy or excited and can create a series of positive associations with you.

5. Don't be clingy

The moment a man starts getting too clingy in a relationship, a woman will run for the hills. Women are not attracted to the type of man who needs too much support, validation, and constant reinforcement from women. Women want to feel like you need them... but only if you already have your own life, your own ambitions, and your own goals.

6. Let her talk

Just because you've been dating for a while doesn't mean that her thoughts and feelings should be a lower priority for you.Ask your girl interesting questions to keep her interested in conversations and let her know how important she is to you by listening to her and being there for her when she needs you.

7. Make her laugh

Laughter alone can make women fall in love with you. Do not be too serious and do not be afraid to throw a joke in your interactions with her. If you and the woman you are dating can laugh together, you'll be creating good memories that will linger in her mind forever.

8. Be mysterious

The mystery behind a man is one of the key elements to keeping a woman attracted to him. Offering a woman too much information upfront is the equivalent of revealing all your cards, without giving her the chance to develop an attraction for you. Keep some aspects of your life a secret and reveal yourself gradually as the two of you continue dating and become more comfortable with each other. This way you’ll always leave her wanting more.

8 Reasons Why Women Leave Relationships

All women have things they need in a relationship. Women want a man to be someone they can rely on, depend on and confide in along with making her feel happy, secure and loved. However, when things like insensitive remarks, little hurts and frustration pile up in a long term relationship, she might get to the point where she simply says "enough is enough" and leaves.

It's a general rule that when your girlfriend decides to leave you, you've done something wrong. Chances are, you've done a lot of things wrong and depending on your situation, she probably left you for reasons you didn't think. Here are some reasons why women leave men.

1. Lack of Attention
Women love it when their men notice things about them and actually talks and listens to them. If there is a lack of communication and she notices, she’s likely to feel unsatisfied in the relationship even if everything else is going well. Listen to her when she talks. If she doesn’t feel like she’s receiving love and attention from you, she'll eventually find someone who will treat her right.

2. Lack of Appreciation

Women do a lot more than men tend to give them for, so appreciate the little things you girlfriend does for you. Be sure you compliment her on her attire or how good she does on things. Let her know that you do appreciate her doing things for you.

3. Cheating

When you cheat, you acknowledge that something isn’t right in your relationship. However, instead of dealing with it, you decide that having an affair is the best way to handle it. When you get caught cheating, the fragile bridge of trust is broken. A stable relationship is based on trust, and if that is broken, it would be very difficult to heal. If there is a problem within the relationship, talk with her about your concerns. After all, how would you feel if she did it to you?

4. Lack of emotional support
Women are unique creatures and they require a lot of emotional support. They need to feel loved, needed and emotionally connected to their men. Women want their emotions met which means if they are supportive of you, they would like you to be supportive of them. If you cannot meet her emotionally needs, it is most likely she will turn elsewhere for companionship.

5. Lack of Intimacy
Women do not want to feel as if you only want them for sex. They want true intimacy, which means physical contact without sex sometimes. If you only come around her when you want sex, she will be become dissatisfied and will not even want to be touched by you.

. Lack of Ambition
Women who are ambitious will seek out a partner that is also ambitious.Women like to date men whom they can move forward with and they like to look ahead and see a bright future. Women want to know that a man can take care of himself, so having an unfavorable lifestyle and showing no signs of maturity can make a woman leave you quickly.

7. You were too controlling
Most women want men who will protect them and make them feel safe--but they don't want a dictator. Women do not want their boyfriends to tell them where to go, when to leave, who to talk to, or what to wear. Dating a guy with a controlling nature can be pretty scary for women and this will cause them to end the relationship.

8. You were too abusive
Abuse is not only physical. It can also take a verbal form. Being deceitful, having a short fuse, being overly-critical and belittling someone to make them feel worthless is also a type of abuse. Displaying these negative behaviors will cause her to leave you. Nobody wants to be with someone who is abusive.