Tuesday, December 27, 2011

5 Signs She's Ready to be Kissed

So it’s the end of your date, following a great dinner and good conversation. You want to kiss her good night. But how do you know if the timing is right? Many men fail to recognize the signs a woman is interested in them and also when a woman wants to be kissed. To know if she's ready to be kissed, here are 5 clues to look for:

1. The flow of conversation turns romantic
When you're talking to her and the conversation between the two of you moves from general to more intimate topics, it's because she has romance on the brain and it's a sure sign that she is just waiting to be kissed.

2. She looks you directly in the eyes and doesn't look away

Another good sign that she's ready to be kissed is when you're talking to her and she stares into your eyes for longer than normal duration and she scans you up and down, keeping her eyes locked on you and your lips while she talks or drinks. By this point, she’s comfortable being with you and has already made up her mind that she likes what she sees.

3. She’s very flirty and physical with you

When a woman enters your personal space and begins twirling her hair in her fingers and touching you more often in different places, she’s inviting a response and trying to become more intimate with you. If she wants you to kiss her, she'll also do things like smile at you more often and discreetly expose more skin to you.

4. She's comfortable with you touching her

If you reach up and brush her hair with your hand (especially the hair by the face) and she reacts well to it (ie: Doesn't pull away or look at you funny), then chances are - she's open to being kissed!

5. She draws attention to her mouth and lips

A woman's lips can be extremely seductive and there is a tremendous amount of flirtatious energy tied up in them. If she is talking to you and she starts running her finger across her lips or leans her head toward you with her lips pouting and subtly puckered up, she's ready to be kissed. The more aroused she is, the more aware of her lips she becomes and that's when your kiss will be most welcome.

As a rule of thumb, when the girl falls into three of these signs, she’s done. All you need to do is move in and kiss her!

Top 10: Signs She'll Make a Good Wife

Marriage is one of the most important things—and one of the most life-changing endeavors—any of us will undertake in life. You have to be absolutely sure that the woman in your life is someone you’ll be happy spending time with day in and day out, and certain characteristics can make it a little clearer to you that she’s the one. Here are 10 signs that the woman in your life will make a good wife.

1. She's trustworthy and loyal
A great wife loves her man…flaws and all, and takes the time to show him how much she appreciates him every day and will not be out doing something she shouldn’t be when you are apart. This type of woman is ready to go to war with you and take on whatever obstacle life presents.

2. She's emotionally stable

Your future bride should display confidence, have a real life of her own, be able to stand on her own emotionally and should be happily going in her own positive direction with no signs of emotional baggage. Furthermore, she should be able to meet you at an intellectual level, constantly surprise you, keep you on your toes and deepen your attraction past the physical realm.

3. The two of you have similar interests

If there are things you both like to do, that's a good sign you are entering a marriage of happiness and longevity.

4. She respects you

The woman you decide to marry should be a genuine person who considers you in every situation and will be on your side no matter what. She should not be the type that will be checking out other guys, but will keep her attention focused on you, the man in her life.

5. The two of you have great communication

There is nothing more important in a relationship than communication, and if you are considering making it official by marrying her, you have to feel comfortable talking with her about any and everything. The more you communicate with your woman, the less likely the two of you will get into arguments because you both will be able to talk about your problems instead of holding them in.

6. You have great intimacy together

The way you relate to each other in the bedroom has a big influence on whether the two of you will stay together after wedding vows are exchanged, so the intimacy between the two of you should be on point.

7. The two of you can laugh together
Mutual laughter is an essential component of a strong and healthy marriage. Romance is much better if you can see humor in the little things and can have a laugh together.

8. Her finances are in order

When you get married you will accumulate debt together, but you don’t want to marry someone who is up to her neck in debt and has no income. You may feel you should be taking care of her, but it still feels good knowing you have someone who has a reliable job, good credit and is responsible when it comes to managing her money.

9. She's beautiful inside and out
The woman you decide to marry should be beautiful on the inside and the outside and will not only want to look good for you, but also for herself. This doesn't mean that she has to look like a model, but she should be so well put together that you'll be proud to have her on your arm and enjoy the sight of her in any light.

10. You are both in agreement on kids

No marriage will thrive, nor perhaps will any marriage survive, in which one spouse wants children and the other rejects any notion of children. When considering marriage, if both of you are in agreement on the notion of children, you will likely be entering into a pleasurable, long-term marriage.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Top 10: Things Women Find Unattractive

Guys spend a lot of time trying to figure out what attracts women. Unfortunately a lot of them are still confused about what characteristics women find repulsive in men. You are more likely to have good relationships with the opposite sex once you understand the following 10 behaviors women find unattractive.

1. Having poor grooming and hygiene

Traits such as smelling bad, having bad breath, broken or stained teeth, botching your shave job, wearing wrinkled, unflattering clothing and uncleanliness in general are not sexy and will keep women completely away from you.

2. Lack of ambition

Women love being around men who have their own life, ambitions and goals. Looks can take you a long way, but once a conversation gets going and women realize you have no goals whatsoever or you have goals but no concrete plan to achieve them, they will become instantly turned off.

3. Being irresponsible
Women don't want to invest their time and energy into guys who can't take care of their business and will more than likely become just another burden in their lives. The last thing a woman wants to deal with is a man who can’t ever seem to hold down a job or pay his own bills.

4. Lack of confidence
Women want their men to lead the way, protect them and make them feel secure. Constantly listing all your faults, feeling sorry for yourself and complaining about your circumstances are sure fire ways to turn a woman off and make her stay away from you for good.

5. Having no sense of humor

Whether you realize it or not, humor is critical to your success with women. In fact, a sense of humor usually tops a woman's attraction wish list and is one of the best ways to turn her on. No woman wants to be with a guy who can never laugh at himself, make a joke or find humor in a situation.

6. Men who give too many compliments
Women love compliments, but if you make too many or too big a compliment, most women won't believe you and will wonder what you are trying to sell them.

7. Being a drunk

Nothing is less attractive to a woman than a guy who is a sloppy drunk! If you can't maintain your alcohol consumption, the less likely you'll be able to use good judgment and avoid saying really stupid things around women.

8. Having a beer belly

Your stomach is predominantly what a woman sees when she looks at you. The stomach is also the main source of the excess weight on a man, so if you have a saggy, protruding pot belly, get rid of it!

9. Being obsessed with sports

Most single women are not obsessed with sports and they don't spend their weekends on the couch watching sports on TV. There's nothing wrong with like sports; but, having an obsession with sports can adversely affect your dating life and could even cause a woman to dump you and find someone else who can fulfill her needs that you are neglecting.

10. Being too aggressive

Women don't like it when a man they have just met insists on touching her too often. Women mostly prefer cool, calm, gentle and well-mannered men. When you are too aggressive with a woman, you creep her out, get pushed away and you get rejected.

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Top 10: Best Christmas Gifts For Her

There is no holiday gift quite as important or more difficult to choose successfully than the gift for the lady in your life. Whether you've only been dating for two weeks or you've been together for two years, most women will appreciate personable presents and the care you take in picking them out. So, when that time of year comes along where you have to open your heart and wallet to prove your love to your woman, consult this guide to find the perfect gift for your girl.

1. Lingerie

When holiday shopping for your girlfriend, sexy intimate wear is always a good choice that never gets old; however, keep in mind that not all lingerie is romantic. For example, something like, say, crotchless panties could be seen as slutty and more of a gift for you. When it comes to buying lingerie for your girlfriend, you have to think sensuous.

2. Popular Electronics

For the woman who happens to be a techie, popular items like digital cameras, portable reading devices and laptop computers are hot holiday gifts.

3. Aromatherapy candles

Scented candles are an inexpensive and charming gifts that can evoke strong emotional reactions and thus affect how she feels (especially around you).

4. Romantic getaway
A romantic getaway will provide an opportunity for the woman in your life who is always busy with her mundane activities to spend some time in an entirely different atmosphere that is relaxing and soothing to the mind.

5. Spa treatments
What woman wouldn't enjoy a day of pampering and being treated like a queen? Spa packages and treatments make great gifts for a woman, especially for one who could use some relaxation.

6. Body care kits
Women can never have enough beauty products, so get her a set of sensational body care, glamorous makeup and beauty goodies she can use.

7. Designer handbags
You can't go wrong with a designer handbag. It is the most useful and personal accessory a girl could possess, so if you plan to buy a purse for the lady in your life, you should know her personal preferences. You can figure that out by paying attention to what she’s carrying now.

8. Perfume

Perfumes or fragrances are always sure to make her happy; however, you really need to know a woman well before you head to the perfume counter and successfully choose a winner on your own. If you are not sure what type of scent to get her, during a casual conversation find out what kind of perfume she wears or do a little snooping on your own.

9. Diamond jewelry
Believe it when you hear the old cliche', "Diamonds are a girl's best friend." Whether it's a simple pair of diamond stud earrings or a more elaborate piece, every woman loves to receive diamond jewelry; however, because this type of jewelry is often expensive and can be easily shown off, it's usually reserved for serious relationships.

10. Bathrobe

An ordinary robe might seem like a boring gift, but selecting a luxurious one for her made from materials ranging from cozy terry and fleece to soft knits can make this a gift she'll be able to lounge in and enjoy all year round.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

8 Signs She's a Gold Digger

gold digger
Every guy likes to wine and dine his woman, but when extravagance and material possessions become the focal point, one has to question whether the relationship is based on genuine love or just money. If you are suspicious that the woman you are dating is more interested in your wallet than you, here are 8 warning signs that your girlfriend is a gold digger.

1. She only suggests expensive gifts, trips, restaurants, etc.
A gold digger will turn her nose up at heartfelt, sentimental gifts because she is eager for gifts that are caked with money and expects nothing less than 4 star accommodations and food venues, shopping at designer stores and exotic vacations.

2. She has temper tantrums when you don't buy her things
A gold digger has the emotional age of a child and will not hesitate throwing a tantrum when things don't go her way--especially when you refuse to buy something for her or give her more money.

3. She's overly concerned about your financial status

A gold digger is interested in hearing about your career and financial status from day one. She is a very manipulative woman who pretends to be interested in you by asking questions about your occupation so she can discover your job title, measure your earnings' potential and ensure that you have plenty of income to spend on her and support her lifestyle.

4. She never pays for anything

When it comes time to pick up the check for a dinner, a movie or just about anything else the two of you are undertaking-- she is nowhere to be found. If you are the one who is constantly shelling out money in the relationship, that should be your sign that she's just using you.

5. She feels entitled

A gold digger will walk around feeling entitled to the good life without feeling any need to lift a finger to achieve it. Since she craves status and doesn’t have long-term goals, the gold digger expects to drive a brand new car with luxury features and wear $500 shoes without feeling any need to earn her own money to achieve it. This type of high-maintenance woman feels that it's her right to be able to pursue her big dreams at the expense of financial stability, and, coincidentally, hasn't considered who will foot the bill.

6. She attempts to trap men into pregnancy

Everybody knows that unless a woman decides to artificially inseminate herself, conceiving a child takes is a two person act and if you decide to have unprotected sex with a woman, then you should be man enough to accept the consequences. However, a gold digger will insist on having unprotected sex and will use lines like "I can't feel it with the condom on, just take it off" and attempt to use guilt trips on you, i.e., "If you love me, why do you need a condom?"

A gold digger hopes to get pregnant so she can use it to her financial advantage as she sees kids as a lifelong financial insurance policy. She will intentionally stop using her birth control without you knowing and will even go as far as tampering with condoms prior to intercourse, i.e., putting a pin through her boyfriend's condom package without him ever suspecting it.

7. She heavily relies on others

A gold digger knows that you don't want to see her get an eviction notice, or get her car repossessed, and you're a good person who will always be in a position to help, right? Wrong. There's a big difference between someone who's just fallen on bad times and a woman that completely relies on others for fulfilling her costs of living and purchasing needs.

8. She lacks any career aspirations
A gold digger will avoid the subject of getting a job and demonstrate that she has no intention of ever developing a career outright even she is perfectly capable of doing so.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Top 10: Signs She'll Make a Bad Wife

bad wife signs
If you’re thinking of asking your girlfriend to become your wife, deciding if you’re ready to make the commitment to marriage is only half the battle. You have to be absolutely sure that the woman in your life is someone you’ll be happy spending time with day in and day out. Love alone is not enough to make a marriage work, and certain characteristics are warning signs for a troubled marriage down the road. Here are some of the most obvious signs that your girlfriend is not marriage material.

1. She cuts you off from loved ones
A girlfriend who always becomes sick when it's time to spend quality time with your family and even forbids you from hanging out with your friends will only act worse after you say your vows.

. She bails on you when times get toughLife isn’t always a bowl of cherries, but that doesn't mean that the woman in your life should just disappear when the times get tough. If your girlfriend is not supportive of you emotionally through difficult times and only stands by you when things are going good, she's not the one you should be walking down the aisle with.

3. She displays psychotic behaviors 
A woman who breeds chaos, misunderstanding and insanity might not be the best person to swear your undying loyalty to. If she displays severe psychological problems now, imagine what kind of influence her crazy and irrational behaviors will have on your future. Marrying a woman like this will most likely ruin your life and your perception of women forever.

4. She's too clingy

If your girlfriend can’t go anywhere or do anything without you, calls you twenty times a day and destroys any chance of you missing her because because the two of you are never apart, she’s going to make a bad wife.


5. She has nothing going on for herself
You should want to marry a woman who has goals and brings something better to your life, not one who is up to her neck in debt, has no income, displays unpredictable behaviors and has tried numerous, short-lived career paths yet never knows what she wants in life. This type of fickle lifestyle could derail your own life plan as well.

6. She's controlling

If your girlfriend controls all of your conversations, constantly forces you into agreeing with her and acts as an overbearing, emotional bully, it’ll only get worse after you say "I do."

7. She's already cheated on you
Do you honestly believe that a woman is marriage material if she has been unfaithful to you while you were dating? Yes, a person can always change and learn from their mistakes; however, a cheating girlfriend will more than likely continue to be unfaithful after marriage.

8. Her libido doesn't match yours

Another sign that she'll make a bad wife is if her libido differs wildly from yours. The way you relate to each other in the bedroom has a big influence on whether the two of you will stay together after wedding vows are exchanged, so it’s best to work this out before you walk down the aisle.

9. She's extremely jealous

Although a little bit of jealousy is essential for a healthy relationship, extreme jealousy arises in a relationship because of high levels of insecurity. If your girlfriend is jealous of every girl who comes near you, refuses to accept that you have female friends and feels threatened when you discuss your previous relationships, putting a ring on her finger is not going to make her more secure.

10. She can't admit when she's wrong

If she always seems to have the upper hand in arguments, refuses to admit her faults or even treat you as an equal, she's not the marrying kind.
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Traits of High Maintenance Women

High maintenance women are those who need many things (money, material goods, affection) to be happy. They possess an almost obsessive attention to detail that extends beyond their person, to their homes, their pets, and yes, even their men. So, how can you distinguish whether or not the girl you thought was the best catch ever is really a prima donna behind closed doors? Read on to learn the 4 essential traits these demanding gals possess.

1. They always look like a million bucks
High maintenance women are obsessed with all aspects of their personal appearance and put great effort into looking great at all times; however, the worst pitfall to dating these women is dealing with their vanity. Sure, their fascination with their own looks means that whenever they step out of the house, they look perfect. But guess what? They know they look perfect and for every hour of showing off, they'll spend another 8 hours on upkeep and repair behind the scenes, e.g., very expensive decorated fingernails, makeup, hair weaves and extensions.

2. They are incredibly materialistic

High maintenance women demand the best of all these things. They expect nothing less than 4 star accommodations and food venues, shopping at designer stores and exotic vacations. These gold diggers will only settle with a man that can offer them status and recognition and they are eager for gifts that are caked with money instead of sentimental value. They tend to focus more on the luxuries of the BMW you're driving rather than the trip you're embarking on and will take notice of the thread count of your sheets rather than your body lying on top of them.

3. They require constant attention and reassurance

High maintenance women are overly dramatic and can be emotionally draining to their partners because of the unreasonable amounts of romance, non-stop attention and reassurance they require. If you're not able to keep up the level of attention and compliments they demand and someone else better comes along, they will jump ship.

4. They have Princess Syndrome

High maintenance women walk around feeling entitled to the good life without feeling any need to lift a finger to achieve it. Most high maintenance women have the belief that the world revolves around them and are quick to reject those they feel are beneath them or whom they perceive as having low status. In relationships, they believe that they are too delicate to perform certain tasks and will often flat out refuse to carry their share of the load.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

5 Ways to Improve Your Attractiveness

Is there any hope for you becoming more attractive to the opposite sex if you don't have extremely good looks, lots of money or a fancy car? Yes, if you're willing to make a couple of changes in your lifestyle and put in a little effort to show that you are a well-rounded person who is worth getting to know. While there are a hundred things you can do to make yourself a better person, here are our top 5 ways to become a more attractive guy.

1. Get in shape

Although your body isn’t the only thing that's going to get you the girl, it will surely help. Your body deserves to be treated correctly, so eat properly and begin a regimen of cardio with weight-bearing exercises that engage your major muscle groups to make your muscles look ultra-toned.

2. Take care of your teeth

Not taking care of your teeth can drastically change your appearance and cause you to lose you more women than you’ll ever know. All women find a healthy set of teeth and gums attractive, so brush your teeth regularly with whitening toothpaste, floss every night, get your teeth cleaned regularly by a dentist and invest in home whitening kits.

3. Improve your wardrobe

You’d be surprised what a couple of new threads will do for your confidence and your attractiveness with the ladies. So get some new outfits, particularly more body-conscious clothing that skims your body (but isn't skin-tight) and gives the impression of broader shoulders and a slimmer torso.

4. Improve your scent

The scent of a man is really important to women, and finding the right cologne to complement your lifestyle can enhance your presence in a room or group and also cause women to think of you as that great-smelling guy they have to have. Choose a base scent you feel comfortable wearing that also accentuates your own unique style and personality--just make sure that you don't use too much.

5. Improve your social skills

It doesn't matter what kind of individual you are, you could always learn new skills that would make you more attractive and your character much more appealing. Start by being friendlier with others, smiling more and improving your eye contact with people. Furthermore, by taking more chances, showing up at more social functions and becoming more cultural, you'll be able to build and share connections and relationships with people, and women will be attracted to your personality and will want to be seduced by you.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

8 Signs She's Lost Interest in You

Has your girlfriend suddenly started acting differently around you? Have you been trying to understand her actions but just can't seem to figure them out? Well, the reason she's been acting differently may be because she is losing interest in you.

In our article the 5 Signs She's Not Into You, we examined signs of a woman's low interest level in the early dating stages. But what about when you've been together for a while? If you see that your girlfriend exhibits any of the following warning signs, you have reason to be concerned.

1. She puts her girlfriends ahead of you

All women are entitled to a girl's night out here and there with their girlfriends, but if spending time with their girlfriends has begun to take priority over you and she consistently leaves you at home to gallivant in nightclubs, she is definitely losing interest in you.

2. She avoids public affection with you

If your girlfriend has allowed you to kiss her or hold her hand in public in the past and suddenly begins rejecting your advances or moves away from you without an obvious reason, you have reason to worry about her interest level in the relationship.

3. She's lost interest in sex (with you)

If she has suddenly become bored by your performance in bed and you're rarely hitting the sheets anymore, she may be wishing for someone else to rub her the right way.

4. She starts fights with you

If she has all of a sudden noticeably lowered her tolerance level for your little mistakes, constantly picks fights and turns every little thing into an argument or a disagreement, chances are her interest level has lowered and she is probably unhappy about the way your relationship is going.

5. She shows interest in other guys

If you notice your girlfriend openly checking out other guys and flirting with other men while you're right there beside her, it could be her way of sending you a subtle message that she's shopping around for another man.

6. She's put distance between you

A woman who is in a happy relationship always makes time for her partner. So if all of a sudden you don't see your girlfriend for a week or more and when she does answer your calls, she is busy and is always in a rush to get off the phone with you, something is definitely wrong.Take this as hint that she wants time apart to explore what it feels like to be away from you.

7. She's no longer affectionate toward you

If she just sits there and does nothing when you attempt to touch her and caress her or you're always the one who initiates the hand holding or hugs first, a breakup may be impending.

8. She begins saying “I” instead of “we”

If you feel like your girlfriend hardly talks, doesn’t contribute much to the conversations you have your and she starts to use “I” instead of “we” when talking about the future, this means that she does not see a future with you in it anymore.

Top 10: Signs You're Too Nice

From the time we were infants, our parents told us to “be nice.” For the most part, it’s good advice; however, in a relationship, some men become too considerate, too helpful and too kind in an effort to seemingly align their lives with a woman’s wishes. Don't be one of them.

Women appreciate a gentleman, but they don't respect pushovers and they don't feel attraction for "nice" guys who always kiss up to them. Here are 10 signs that you’re too nice.

1. You give too many compliments
Women love compliments, but if you make too many or too big a compliment, most women won't believe you and will wonder what you are trying to sell them.

2. You're too understanding
Constantly trying to understand a woman's point of view as she walks all over you isn't being tolerant; it's being spineless and allowing yourself to be a doormat. Yes, being unfailingly understanding and considerate towards a woman may keep you in a relationship (for a short time) and prevent arguments and clashes with her, but it won't gain her respect and admiration.


3. You're always available
Always being available makes women think that you don't have a life of your own and actually lessens your own attractiveness, making you far less desirable.

4. You're always buying her gifts

Even though the thought is nice, the concept of constantly showering a woman with gifts will begin to lose its meaning and eventually she will become less thrilled and even annoyed receiving them.

5. You agree with everything she says

Guys that are too nice agree with everything a woman says, thinking that's what she wants. In reality, women want someone who is going to stimulate their minds and challenge them.

6. You let her choose everything

Not all of us like to make decisions, and deferring to your woman is OK sometimes; however, letting her call all the shots about EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE you go is not good. Women are not turned on by men they can completely control and you do your relationship a good bit of damage when you show yourself to be indecisive.

7. You always pay for everything

With the traditional etiquette of a gentleman, guys have always been taught that paying a woman's way is the right thing to do; however, paying for stuff shouldn't always be left to one person. You don't have to split everything down the middle, but there does come a time in a relationship when the financial load should be shared.


8. You're too accommodating
Being helpful is one thing, but if you get in the habit of doing every little thing for her whenever she wants, she'll come to expect having her own butler and chauffeur around on a regular basis -- not a boyfriend. If running an errand is convenient for you, help her out by all means. But don't be afraid to put your foot down either.

9. You're too respectful
in the bedroom
While every woman appreciates a gentleman, there are certain arenas in which you can be too respectful, particularly in the bedroom. Yes women deserve respect and they want you to be delicate with them for the most part; however, in the bedroom, women appreciate spontaneity, assertiveness and a sense of adventure and passion.

10. You're too interested in her

Becoming more interested in a woman's life than your own will ultimately make her bored with you. Yes, you want to take an interest in her career, her hobbies, etc...but it's a bad sign if you abandon all of your aspirations, neglect your interests and bail on your friends just so you can concentrate all of your energy on her.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

5 Ways To Kill The Mood

So you had a good date with a hot girl and the two of you headed back to your place. Things heated up and you were into what you thought was a good make-out session when suddenly she remembered that she had to "get up early" and headed home. What happened? Truth is, you may have killed the mood without even realizing it.

While there are a lot of “dos” and “dont's” in the bedroom that most guys have little trouble following, some guys always do something that screws up the whole encounter. Here are 5 ways guys kill the mood with women.

1. Saying the wrong name in bed
Calling out the wrong name in bed can definitely kill the mood and almost guarantee that you won't be getting laid by that woman again. Saying the wrong name in bed will blow a woman's mind out of control and bring up certain questions, like, “Do you think about this other woman while you are having sex with me?” and “Do you wish you were with her?”

2. Answering the phone

One of the worst ways to put a damper on things in the bedroom and insult a woman is to halt action between the sheets in order to grab your phone. Stopping a make-out session to answer your phone not only kills the mood; it tells your partner that you don't think she's all that important in the first place.

3. Verbal slip-ups

Appropriate sexual language can get a woman's mind venturing into a myriad of fantasies; however, using phrases like "Who's your daddy?" or asking can your roommate join in are surefire ways to make her put her pants back on--fast!

4. Being a bad kisser

It doesn’t matter how hot you are, if you're a bad kisser, you won't get past first base. When you start approaching to embrace her, remember to control your tongue and avoid kissing her forcefully. Learn the art of kissing and refrain from fumbling around in her mouth, shoving your tongue down her throat or licking her chin, teeth, forehead, etc..

5. Poor hygiene

Mistakes such as not being clean in the appropriate places and having bad breath are highly inconsiderate and can make things come to a screeching halt. If sex happens spontaneously, as it often does, it doesn’t hurt to excuse yourself, go to the bathroom and quickly wash up before getting down to business.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Top 10: Signs of a Desperate Man

In the dating world, a desperate man is one who is overeager, anxious, presumptuous and willing to be with any woman to avoid being alone. Women can spot desperation in a man from miles away, and if you suffer from it, you'll never stand a chance at getting any girl.

A man who is desperate may have a strong want and desire to have a relationship; however, due to having little experience in the romance and dating department, his behaviors can indicate low-self esteem and a host of other issues that turn women off and can actually be viewed as creepy and disturbing.

Here are 10 warning signs that can help you determine if you fit under the portrait of a desperate man:

1. Dropping your standards

Desperate men are prepared to drop their dating standards to fill the huge emotional void in their life. Whether they want children or intimacy the desperate man will date who they have too to avoid being alone. They will be with any woman just for the sake of being attached while failing to realize that it's better to be single and wait for the girl who is their type.

2. Constantly fishing for compliments

The desperate man has low self-esteem, a poor self-image and needs to constantly hear how great he is and be assured of things. It doesn't take long for women to get tired of constantly stroking your ego.

Overly Calling/Emailing/Texting Her
If you want to run a woman off quickly, one of the best ways to do it is to overly call, email or send text messages early in a relationship, especially when she hasn't returned any of your messages. The desperate man makes the fatal mistake of calling the woman he's dating and asking "Did you just call me?" after receiving a call from an unrecognized number.

4. You're always available

Always being available makes women think that you don't have a life of your own and actually lessens your own attractiveness, making you far less desirable. Being a challenge to women makes you more desirable.

5. You move too fast in relationships

The desperate man will spend every single day with a new girl for weeks and never know basic information about her that normally should have been covered in the first few dates. Although finding love is based on each individual relationship and some people move quicker than others, the desperate man will move so quickly with things like intimacy and sex that he will turn a woman off with his frantic desire for a relationship.

6. You're constantly buying her gifts

A desperate man constantly showers a woman with gifts without realizing that eventually she will become less thrilled and even annoyed receiving them. Even though the thought is nice, after a while the concept will begin to lose its meaning and she is going to get tired of always getting something.

7. Not giving her enough time and space

Desperate men tend to be a bit on the invasive side when they always need to hang out at a woman's home for hours on end, not respecting the fact that she has a life of her own life. Women don't always want to hang out with you day in and day out and will quickly end relationships with guys not respecting their need for space.

8. You're in constant agreement with everything she says

Desperate men just sit there and agree with everything a woman says, thinking that's what she wants. In reality, women want someone who is going to stimulate their minds and are not turned on by men they can completely control has no backbone.

9. You make her the center of your life too fast

Desperate men tend to make the first woman that will go out with them the only person in their life and not take the time to continue dating and getting to know other women. Telling a woman "You're the only woman in the world for me" before the three-week period will have her running for the hills.

10. Being overly nice all the time

If a guy is too nice, too accommodating and tries to be the most giving person to a woman, she will begin to think he's being insincere and will lose romantic interest quickly. She'll also think that he's only trying to achieve one thing: to get into her pants.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

4 Ways to Keep Her Attention

Since the beginning of time, men have sought the attention of women, but very few know the
key skills necessary to make a lasting impression on the women they want. In dating, making a woman come to you is the easy part; however, keeping her attention is the real challenge. Here are 4 ways to grab a woman's attention and keep it once you get it.

1. Be mysterious

A mistake most men make is exchanging their entire life story with a woman, especially on the first date. Women like a little mystery; however, this doesn't mean you should be boring and play the silent type. It just means you should be less forthcoming with details about your life. If a woman thinks she has you figured out, she will get bored; however, feed her a bit, but keep her curiosity growing and her interest in you will do the same. Don't lie to her or play mind games, but leave something hidden which will make her come back for more.

2. Make her miss you

Limiting your availability at the onset will also raise your value in her eyes, as it indicates that you have a sense of independence. As a relationship develops, it is essential to have a life of your own, so let her know that you have places to go and people to see. Let her wonder where you are, whom you're with and where you're going, and she will hope to cross paths with you more often than you think. You know the expression about absence making the heart grow fonder? Well, it's true.

3. Be interesting

A man with ideas, dreams and ambitions is exciting to be around. Women never feel attraction for a guy they perceive as desperate, needy or eager to please, but come across as a confident, self-aware guy who has a lot going on in his life and you'll be on the fast track to becoming irresistible to women. What woman could help but pay attention to a man that is engaged in the world, capable of bringing new and enlightening ideas into her world and constantly seeks personal growth and improvement?

Improve yourself

Most guys don’t take the time to work on themselves, but just as men demand that their women be good-looking, women demand and deserve the same. If you really want to grab a woman’s attention — and keep it — then be one of the few men who take the time to develop themselves into the kind of guy worthy of an amazing woman’s attention. Make sure you choose the right cologne, develop a good sense of style, stay well-groomed and always look your best.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Top 10: Things Not to Say to Your Girlfriend

As every man knows, there are some things you just can’t come right out and say to your girlfriend. Nevertheless, we're all probably guilty of saying something that we shouldn't have said to our girlfriends, and probably copped quite bit of heat from it too. While these secret thoughts can easily slip out during brain-dead moments, many relationship problems can be avoided by simply keeping your big mouth closed. Remove the following 10 phrases from your love lingo and you’ll reap the rewards.

1. "I'm not in the mood."

There are many excuses women use in the bedroom to get out of sex, from washing their hair to headaches. But if a guy says he's too tired or just not up for a go, all she will hear is you telling her she’s fat, or that you've already got some from your hot secretary at work.

2. "I hate your friends!"

Like it or not, a woman’s friends can have a huge influence on your relationship with her. If you want to keep your relationship running smoothly, always treat her friends with courtesy and politeness, even if it means being a little fake with the ones you can’t stand.

3. "Why do you talk so much?"
Unfortunately, most men don't realize that a woman's idea of communication means listening to what she has to say. If you value the relationship, you should listen to her. Otherwise you might risk having her find another man who will.

"I think we should have a threesome."
Sorry guys, but most women will simply refuse to get involved in a situation that they believe is a potential threat to their relationship, such as a threesome. Furthermore, merely suggesting the idea of a threesome can disintegrate your relationship and make her feel as though you're not really interested in having a serious relationship.

5. "You're just like my ex."

Your current girlfriend trusts that you’ve completely moved on from your ex. Bringing up your ex in any light makes it sound as though you’re still hung up on the past. Your safest bet is to not even bring up your ex, in any circumstance, unless you want a passive aggressive fight with your girlfriend later.

6. "Your friend is hot!"

You may find her friend extremely attractive, but don't tell your girlfriend that. Even if she says her friend is pretty, don’t agree too enthusiastically. Women are competitive and even the most confident women in the world don’t want to know you’re thinking about their friends in that way.

7. "You've really put on some weight."

Even if making this statement does have the desired effect and your girlfriend goes on to drop a few pounds, she’ll never forgive you for pointing it out so bluntly and making her feel like crap in the process. So, if you think she’s put on a few pounds, keep it to yourself or consider some more subtle methods of letting her know that you’re displeased with her recent weight gain.

8. "I've had better sex."

Even the most sexually liberal woman might have second thoughts if all you do is boast or reminisce to her about how great your past sexual encounters with other women were. Depending on her reaction to this statement, you might find yourself out of a relationship and/or sexual partner.

9. "You're just like your mother."

Likening your girlfriend to her mother is a surefire way to turn her off and can lead to many relationship problems, whether you are right or wrong. Even if you meant this as a compliment, your girl will focus on the wrinkled, crabby aspects of her mother rather than the caring and nurturing ones.

10. "Why are you so emotional?"

To us guys, women are naturally irrational and illogical beings who will cry for no reason and get mad at the smallest things. But when your girlfriend is being emotional, don't ridicule her for it; instead show her some love, tough it out and listen to her.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Importance of Making Women Laugh

Is there anything more attractive than a guy who can make women laugh? Using humor can relieve the nervous tension of first date jitters and level the ground between you, negate worries about "not being or looking good enough" and draw a man and a woman closer together. Even though some women fall for a guy's impressive job, savings account or his sexy body, the ability to make them laugh is a renowned dating and flirting strategy that works every time--if you know how to use it right.

Whether you realize it or not, humor is critical to your success with women. In fact, a sense of humor usually tops a woman's attraction wish list and is one of the best ways to turn her on. A woman who finds herself laughing along with your great sense of humor is a girl who is more likely to fall for your charms. Another key component of laughter is that when you’re funny around women, it presents you as the kind of guy who’s fun to be with, and if a woman is really interested romantically, she'll laugh at your jokes--even if they aren't funny!

Although laughter is a very effective dating technique, many guys get it completely wrong when they try to be funny around women. Guys who are desperately trying to seek a woman's approval do things like slap-sticky humor or act like a clown, making it obvious that they're trying to make her laugh and coming across as goofy or dorky. Not good.

In order to get a woman laughing and attracted at the same time, you have to get an idea as to what she may find amusing and tease her; however, this doesn't mean be a jerk. It means using gestures, facial expressions and voice tone to create a fun and flirty vibe and assume familiarity with her by doing things like mocking her voice, telling her funny jokes and stories and using your humor to break the touch barrier while making her laugh at the same time.

The only downside to this strategy is that when you're only teasing and making women laugh, you're not showing them the other parts of your personality. Humor is an effective tool, don’t get me wrong, but don’t rely on it to create attraction all by itself. When meeting new women, you don’t necessarily want to kick off every discussion with a joke. Instead, learn a little bit about the woman first and ask her questions, then once you’ve got her talking, you will gain access to more of her personality and seem like a more well-rounded and interesting type of guy.

When it comes to creating attraction, humor can be your most effective tool when you're talking to a woman. Not only will showing off your great sense of humor get a girl to laugh--it's bound to ensure that both of you enjoy your time spent together.

Monday, May 9, 2011

5 Skills That Impress Women

Women like a man who is confident in his abilities and can take care of himself (and them too if the need arises). They also appreciate an array of skills in men ranging from complex ones that show off masculinity to the emotional ones which indicate a guy's softer side. Although it's virtually impossible to impress every woman with the same one or two skills, here are the top five skills that impress women.

1. Being able to cook

Just about every woman is a little bit pleasantly surprised to discover that a guy can cook, actually wants to cook and seems to genuinely know what he's doing in the kitchen. You don’t have to start taking cooking classes, shop for expensive cookware or throw together an artistic dinner to impress a woman. Just start with a few basic recipes and practice them till they turn out right. As long the meals you prepare for her taste good and look and smell appetizing, you’re impressing her.

2. Being able to fix a car
Although not all men are crazy about engines or getting grease all over their sleeves and hands, in order to impress a woman, it is usually enough to be able to maintain a car correctly, replace a flat tire and diagnose basic car troubles correctly instead of opening the hood and looking confused.

3. Being able to speak a foreign language
A woman is bound to be impressed by a man who can speak a foreign language, especially when you just let it come up at the right moment. Apart from the fact speaking a foreign language requires certain level of intelligence and is a skill that is more difficult to learn as an adult, it is also a sign of worldliness, which intrigues women.

4. Being a handyman
It's very impressive to a woman when you're willing to get your hands dirty and can be relied upon to maintain a home and perform basic repairs.

5. Being able to converse with them

Women are impressed by men who can express their opinions and feelings in a masculine way. Unfortunately, most men don't realize that a woman's idea of communication means actually listening to what she has to say and understanding her, as well as relate to her problems without judging her or providing unwanted advice. When you learn how to listen to a woman and adequately express yourself, she will feel understood and respected and you will experience fewer communication problems in your relationship.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

4 Signs She's Playing Hard to Get

So you found a girl who really gets your attention. But one thing that you notice is that she seems kind of out of it, like she doesn't really want your attention. Or does she? Let's face it: Attractive women get a lot of attention and are approached all the time by men. They are often far too subtle and indirect -- or just plain confusing -- when revealing their romantic interest; therefore, they need quick, easy ways to figure out if you're either a self-confident guy who can see through their games or just another wuss that easily gives up at the first sign of resistance.

For a woman, playing hard to get is a game that is meant to drive men crazy yet keep them coming back for more. The trouble comes when guys don't know if a woman is playing hard to get or is just genuinely not interested in interacting with them. So with that in mind, here are 4 signs she's playing hard to get.

1. She tests you to see how long you'll chase her
You've gotten her number, but when you dial her digits, all you get is her answering machine. A couple of days pass, you call her again and she happens to answer the phone, apologizing for not having called you earlier because she was busy. She always has a full schedule (or pretends that she does). So what's the real reason why didn't she call you when she had the chance? It may be because she wants to be pursued, but doesn't want to look too available.

If you call a woman to set up a date with her, she may tell you that she is busy that particular night, to call her next week when her schedule is not as hectic. Doing this shows she's interested in going out with you, but containing her eagerness. She may even agree to go out with you on a certain night and then at the last minute, calls and cancels to reschedule. Although this is a risky move on her part, she may be checking to see how you will take the bad news and if you are still really interested in going out with her.

2. She flirts like crazy
, then stops
A woman who is playing hard to get will seemingly want to know everything about you i.e., quiz you about your family, your background, and your tastes in things like food, music and movies, then abruptly change the subject by moving the conversation elsewhere. More than likely, what she's doing is trying to catalog your interests so that she can slowly bond with you when she's ready.

3. She talks about other guys you don't know
Another sign a woman is playing hard to get is when she brings up co-workers from work or male friends and makes light conversations on how cute or funny they are in order to ignite a little jealously and make you work harder for her attention.

4. She teases you, then pulls away
If she smiles when you check her out, plays with her hair, leans toward you while talking and briefly stares into your eyes with passion to build up tension, then suddenly breaks away when you move in for the kiss or some neck action, she may well be playing hard to get and trying to see how hard you'll really work for her affection.

Playing hard to get is part of the dating game, not to mention the part that makes it fun; however, if she has your number, but is busy all the time and continuously makes no attempt to keep the window of possibility open with you, she's not playing hard to get--she's just not interested in you.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Dating After Divorce

After years of being married, putting yourself back in the singles market can be scary, especially if you had little previous dating experience or if the divorce was particularly traumatic. Between kids, potential step-relations, money issues and exes, dating after divorce can be a tricky and stressful endeavor. So if you're a newly single man who is considering dating again, here are a few important guidelines you should follow in order to make an easier transition back into the world of dating.

After being married for an extended period of time, the most important aspect at this point is to reevaluate your thoughts and feelings, not rush into anything and don't let others push you into dating prematurely. Some people take longer than others to move on, so if you feel shaky and fragile, or if there are still bitter feelings from the divorce, you may need to give yourself more time before getting out and dating again.

You have likely lost track of your single self, neglected old friendships, dropped out of your old Monday-night bowling league, let your physical health go, or even completely forgotten about your favorite hobbies. Now is the time to reconnect with your individual self, start watching what you eat, doing "guy" things with friends and buying yourself some flattering new clothes that make you look and feel good.

Once you feel somewhat confident in going out and dating again after the divorce, you should take some time to think through what kind of women you would like to attract and then put yourself in a position to meet them. The last thing you want is to go out and find a carbon copy of your ex-wife and make the same mistake all over again. By the same token, don't make it a point to find someone who's the exact opposite either. Take advantage of the many opportunities to meet new women at places like church groups, gyms or local social clubs to get your feet wet.

When you officially get back in the dating game, be respectful of your own needs and proud of what you have to offer in a relationship. Embrace all the lessons from your failed marriage so that you can go out and find what you really want. Don’t let post-divorce loneliness or insecurity make you lower your expectations because not only will dating unsuitable women make you feel poorly, it will also model a very negative relationship for your children if you have any.

There is not as much of a social stigma as there once was and there really is no need to hide the fact that you have are divorced, so be honest about your history whenever you're out on a date. Keep the conversation positive and upbeat without sharing too much and avoid discussing your ex even if your date demonstrates great concern and curiosity about what you might have been through.

It’s OK to briefly mention the basic circumstances of your divorce; however, telling your dates about how your dirty skank of an ex cheated on you or how she did you wrong will make you come off sounding bitter and vengeful--not exactly traits women are looking for in a man! Furthermore, NEVER compare any women you meet to your ex-wife as that may signal that you haven't moved on and are not yet ready for a new woman in your life.

Trying to rush into a new long term relationship is one of the biggest dating mistakes men make after their marriage does not work out. You don't want to rush things, so take your time, get some experience under your belt and really discover whom you want to be with and what you really want in a relationship.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Top 10: Female Turn Offs

Every time you approach a new woman you’re risking rejection, which can feel awful. But if you’re finding that you’re constantly striking out with the ladies, you may be doing things that turn women off without even realizing it. Below are 10 things you could be doing right now that make women cringe.

1. Wearing too much cologne

While a nice-smelling cologne, after-shave or deodorant can be very sexy and really entice a female, too much of a good thing can spell disaster.

2. Being preoccupied with sex

Men who are preoccupied with sex are a huge turnoff because women want to be valued for things other than their bodies. Women do not want to feel as though sex is all that men want from them, and they definitely aren't impressed by how many other women you've slept with, or how much your last girlfriend liked your techniques.

3. Displaying poor grooming habits

Women are not generally attracted to men with inadequate grooming, to include smelling bad, having bad breath, unkempt fingernails and wearing wrinkled clothing.

4. Using lame pick-up lines
While most guys have the best intentions in mind when using pick-up lines, most women don't like them and the only things you can be assured of using these bad one-offs is making a bad first impression, a slap in the face and a drink on your shirt.

5. Giving insincere compliments

Women love compliments; however, those who have had enough experience with men trying to pick them up can spot insincerity quickly. If you make too many or too big a compliment, most women won't believe you and will wonder what your hidden agenda is.

6. Talking about your ex

Your first conversation on a date with a new woman should be fun and intriguing, not consumed with emotional baggage and especially not discussions about your ex. Women view men that can't stop talking about their ex non-stop as having unresolved frustrations and pent-up bitterness.

7. Being distracted by your cell phone

One of the biggest turn-offs among women is when their dates appear too distracted to pay any attention to them. When women find their dates fiddling with the mobile phone or constantly checking the watch, it either means that the man is bored or very rude. If you have taken the trouble of asking a woman out, then do have the courtesy to give her your attention.

8. Calling too often

If you want to run a woman off quickly, one of the best ways to do it is to overly call and leave her a slew of messages early in a relationship, especially when she hasn't returned any of your messages.

9. Displaying weird habits
Strange ticks, picking scabs, nail biting, mumbling, looking down, constantly licking your lips or displaying any other weird behaviors make you appear nervous and send women headed for the hills.

10. Being arrogant

Although most women love strong, confident men as previously discussed, talking too much about yourself could make you look narcissistic and lower her interest level.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

5 Signs She's Using You

Have you ever found yourself in a relationship situation where you're constantly calling the girl, taking her out and being devoted, sweet and kind to her only to get games, drama and inconsistency in return? While most women
want to be with a man who treats them right and is ready for commitment, there are selfish and opportunistic women who intentionally take advantage of men and relationships. Here are 5 tips on how to tell if she's just using you.

1. She doesn't keep dates with you
She repeatedly tells you how interested she is and how much she wants to see you; however, when dates are scheduled, she cancels at the last minute or something always seems to come up to prevent the two of you from meeting unless she needs something from you.There's a chance this woman doesn't enjoy your company at all and is in fact using you.

2. She doesn't return your phone calls
If the girl seldom returns your calls in a timely manner, always has a busy schedule and only calls when she wants something from you or needs a favor, it should be clear that she is using you and that you are not a priority.

3. She only hangs out with you as a last resort

A woman that desires you will create time in her busy schedule to be with you. But If she only makes plans with you at the last minute, as if nothing better came her way or
when plans with her friends fizzle, you're pretty much an after thought and her last resort when she's bored.

4. She's only interested in what you can give her
A normal couple alternates in buying each other dinner and gifts; however, there are many situations where women only see men as a source of movie tickets and food or, even worse--a rent check or a down payment for a car.

Ask yourself the following questions: Are you constantly buying things for her and receiving nothing in return? Do you always pay when you go out and find yourself spending more money on her than you counted on? Does she borrow money from you but never pays you back? Does she write you off whenever you're not spending money on her? If you answered yes to these, the lady in your life is a gold digger

. Her future plans don't include you
If she only has short term plans about your relationship, gives no answer when you ask about what your relationship will be like three years from now and always avoids talking about meeting her friends or parents, she is more than likely using you to fill a temporary void in her life until someone better comes along.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

5 Reasons to Stay Single

While being married may provide certain benefits, choosing to stay single can keep the door open for many more options and opportunities in your life. Your male independence is something you should never surrender lightly, even if you think you've met the woman of your dreams. So, if you're not sure about taking that long walk down the aisle, here's 5 reasons to stay single.

1. More time to find the right woman
Too many guys rush into unhealthy relationships and get hitched for the wrong reasons, i.e., they've reached a certain age, all of their friends are getting married or they fall for the first woman that shows interest in them. Staying single gives you plenty of time to play the dating game, find your true soul mate (if she even exists) to pop into the picture and avoid the mistake of a lifetime: marrying the wrong woman.

2. Your late nights are all yours

For bachelors, every night is a guy's night out. While guys who are married have to constantly compromise and do what their wives want to do (whether they like it or not), the single man often has more spare time to indulge in impromptu plans that don't include chick flicks and boring book clubs.

3. More time to spend with your friends
Being single is the time to build friendships that can last a lifetime, not put your buddies on the back-burner. When you're single, you're absolutely free to hang out with your friends, party until 2 a.m., and sleep 'till noon. On the other hand, once you get married, you risk losing some of your good friends because she doesn't like them and tells you can no longer hang out with them. Even worse, you gain new friends that you never even wished to have.

4. You can focus on your career

Single men can focus more on their careers to achieve their full potential without draining the tons of energy a permanent relationship entails. Being single allows you remain free to put in extra hours, work on the spare of the moment or do whatever else you need to do to be successful while also being able to spend all the money in your paycheck however you see fit.

5. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want
When you're single, you can go anywhere you want, do anything you want, any time you want without anyone stopping you or asking you why. You can use the shower as long as you want, watch your favorite TV shows, enjoy your personal space and even go to the bathroom with the door open if you choose. You can hang on to that classic sports car, the motorcycle, the boat -- all of which seem to disappear overnight once you get married.

Best of all, you get to enjoy deafening silence when you feel like you need to be alone and not be subjected to a woman's never-ending mood swings, nagging or her blaming you for everything that she screws up in her own life.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The 5 Best Reasons To Get Married

good reasons to get married
Getting married is often the biggest event of a person’s life. It means being committed to one person for the rest of your life, and while there are plenty of good reasons not to get married, there are many good reasons FOR marriage. If you're not sure that you are ready to take that big step, these five solid reasons to get married will help you decide.

1. Marriage means more sexual fulfillment

While single guys are excited by having one-night stands and the thrill of constantly chasing different women, married men are home having sex with their wives. Married men have more sex than single men, have a better feel for their partner's bodies, have an absence of guilt, are more aware of their partner's fantasies and report a higher rate of sexual satisfaction than single counterparts who find themselves bouncing from girl to girl.

2. Marriage gives you a legal platform to start a family

While it's pretty obvious you don't need to be married to have kids, but marriage is still the the most stable and secure environment in which to start a family and keeping your bloodline going.

3. Marriage can provide more financial benefits

There are numerous financial benefits associated with marriage to include tax brеаkѕ, health insurance plans аnԁ οthеr financial benefits. In a marriage where both partners are working, it can be easier to afford the things you could never afford on your own; it means a better home, a better car, a better vacation, etc...Like it or not, society is designed to make life easier for married couples.

4. Marriage can improve your health
Research shows that men who are married engage in fewer risky behaviors, like binge drinking or dangerous hobbies and careers. Married men also eat healthier, visit the doctor more often and may have better immune systems as well, either from support or from nagging to monitor things like blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, etc….

5. Marriage gives you a higher rate of happiness

A good marriage offers a man the kind of stability and support that allows him to succeed in all other aspects of life. Many studies have shown that men are higher achieving when they are married, and having a good wife can bring out the best in you, challenge you to be the best version of yourself and help you learn the true meaning of self-sacrifice and compromise.

Think about it: How much more could you accomplish if all the drama and emotional baggage from crazy women and bad breakups was replaced by the presence of a loving and caring woman?

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