Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Door Test

When meeting new women, using the "Door Test" is a brilliant exercise to judge their relative selfishness. The test is very simple-just pull up right where she lives and lock both doors. Then get out of the vehicle. Bring her over to the vehicle and open the passenger door for her, let her get in and close the door. Then slowly walk around the back of the car and look through the rear window and wait for truth to emerge.

There's no subjectivity with the door test. The Door Test is simply on a Pass/Fail, Keep/Dump basis. If she opens the door, she's a keeper. One or even two failures on her part might be understandable, but any more than that indicates her selfishness and a certain lack of empathy and you need to dump her fast.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Top 10: Ways to Make Her Feel Special

The majority of women have a need to feel special and cared for, and nothing can impress a woman more than a guy who can make her feel special and treat her like the ultimate queen.

Each guy has his own special way to make his woman feel special but there are certain techniques which work on almost all women, all the time. Here are 10 ways to show her what she means to you.

1. Give her a back rub or foot massage sometimes.

2. Look at her and tell her how beautiful she is to you.

3. Fix something around the house. A handyman is very sexy.

4. Listen to her, even when she's just rambling a bit and never make her feel down.

5. Give her true praise where she deserves it.

6. Send her love songs, cards and some cute love letters just because.

7. Do not act like all you are interested in is sex.

8. Be supportive and let her know that no matter what, you will be there for her.

9. Remember important dates like birthdays, anniversaries and other milestones. These are all opportunities to show her how special she is to you.

10. Remember what she likes and dislikes. She will be very impressed that you have been paying attention.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Keeping Her Satisfied In Bed

No man wants to be known as a boring lover. In order to prevent that, here's some things not to do in bed if you want your woman to remain stimulated and satisfied with you.

1. Don't be predictable

If you've been together for a while, this can definitely be a problem. Part of the reason why things were so hot between you and your woman when you first got together was because you didn't know what to expect. If you've been together for a while and want to maintain the same similar level of excitement with your woman as you did when you first got together, you have to keep it fresh. Master the art of foreplay and avoid the same old grunting or repeating certain words. Telling her that what she's doing feels amazing, that she looks hot, or what you'd like to do to her or have her do to you can also be a turn-on for many women.

2. Don't ask for permission to have sex.

A good lover can do something as simple as give a woman an intense look or use a certain touch to let her know he's in the mood and turn her on without ever having to ask permission. Most women don't find a man who asks for permission very sexy and see it as a "rookie" move.

3. Don't always have sex in the same location

Use your imagination and make simple changes in the locations where you have sex. The possibilities are endless. Try the shower, the kitchen, the living room, the car, etc...

4. Being afraid to experiment

Talk about what turns you on with your woman. Trying some new positions or engaging in role playing can make for better intimacy and keep you both turned on and spice things up in the bedroom. Try new things that you'll both enjoy and never let your sexual encounters become routine to the point where she can anticipate your every move and never underestimate the importance of foreplay for a woman.

5. Not going the extra mile

If you want to prevent her from ever being bored with you sexually, you must put in some effort every once in a while. You have to be romantic. Leave her love notes describing what she should slip into or out of while she awaits for you to come home. You can also seduce her by trying things like making a romantic dinner for two and playing some music to get her in the mood, and giving her sensual baths. Make it about pleasing her next time and she may just do something to please you in return.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

5 Unromantic Gifts for Women

Men make buying gifts for women very difficult by forgetting everything they know about their partners, ignoring price tags, and not using common sense. While bad gifts can always be returned, you cannot take back the confused look on her face or her feeling disappointment. This feeling could be avoided if men would just stop and think. Here are 5 of the least romantic gifts you could buy a woman.

1. Tools

Never buy tools as a gift for a woman. This includes anything used for manual labor., e.g, vacuum cleaners, cooking utensils, gardening tools or anything that will involve her doing work. It doesn't matter if she always tells you that she needs these items, tools are never romantic. Remember, if it's something your best friend would find awesome, put it back.

2. Adult Films

Adult films are not something women want to see constantly, and they're definitely not something she wants to keep in her movie collection on the shelf.

3. Lingerie

Men and women are miles apart in the lingerie-buying department. When buying lingerie for your woman, remember that most ladies want sexy yet practical while men head straight for the hooker department. If you're not sure about how to pick out romantic, tasteful items for the lady in your life, save the lingerie for a shopping trip together and you can be there when she tries it on.

4. Pets

Pets are incredibly cute gift; however, they are also a huge responsibility, especially when you think about all the work a pet entails along with the added bills -- veterinarian, food, toys, and a ton of other things that might stretch her wallet and not be very romantic.

5. Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are definitely one of the least romantic gifts you can give a woman. A gift certificate is a great way to tell her: “I don't know anything about you, so here; go buy yourself something from a store." Don't let your girlfriend think that you only spent five minutes on her gift.

Monday, April 13, 2009

5 Things Women Are Insecure About

When it comes to dating, most women have a few insecurities and they tend to worry about very different things than men. Your actions can make a big difference on how secure she'll feel when she's with you. Here are 5 things women worry about when it comes to dating or being in a relationship.

1. She thinks you might not call her after a date

The first step to building a woman's trust is to following through with what you promise her. So if you say you are going to call her on Thursday, call her Thursday. If you say Friday, do it. If that's not your style, though, or you'd like to keep a little mystery, don't be definite about when you'll be calling. It's better than breaking a promise and at least she won't be waiting by the phone on a certain day.

2. She thinks you just want to have sex with her

It's a hard line to walk: If you make a move too soon, she'll think that's all you want. If you wait too long, she'll think you're just interested in her friendship. So the best way to work this is to just be sincere. If you are genuinely interested in pursuing a relationship with her, let her know. From there, she'll give you the signals to let you know when she's ready to get romantic with you.

3. She thinks you're dating other women

As long as you are honest about it, casually dating more than one woman at the same time is perfectly acceptable-- just don't lie about it. Keep in mind that once you both become intimate or the relationship turns serious, she might assume you are her's exclusively.

4. She thinks you're not that interested
At times, even the most confident woman sometimes needs a little reassurance that you're interested in her and that she still has it. You could let her know how special she is to you by complimenting her or sending her flowers. Find ways to make your woman feel special through a romantic gesture like calling her in the middle of the day for no reason at all. If you both have been in a relationship for a while, you need to work extra hard to reassure her that you still find her attractive. Flirting with other women in front of her can also make her feel insecure. Remember, when you're with her, devote all your attention to her.

5. She thinks you're cheating on her

If you haven't given her a reason to feel that you're cheating on her and she continues to accuse you of it, discuss the issue with her and let her know that you are committed and have no intention of straying. Believe it or not, lots of women have a lot of performance anxiety in the bedroom. If you're sex life is going well be sure to let her know it. If not, however, be sure to address the issue in the most sensitive manner possible.

Yes, the world of dating is harsh. But if you genuinely care about her, with a little foresight and sincerity, you can make her feel more secure about your relationship and about herself and boost her ego.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

5 Ways To Increase Her Desire For You

So you've finally found a woman who really gets your juices flowing and gets you hot at the mere sight of her, but how do you increase her desire for you and keep her out of the arms of other men who may have better relationship skills than you do? Here are 5 ways to increase her desire to be with you.

1. Maintain a confident attitude

As you're trying to keep the attraction flowing in your relationship, remember to maintain a confident attitude. Women love confidence in a man and displaying a confident self-image will boost her attraction to you.

2. Make her feel special
Women love to be showered with attention and need to feel wanted. So if you'd like her to stay around for a while, make sure she knows that she still turns you on by charming her and giving her genuine compliments. Make her feel special and you'll keep her desire burning hot for you.

3. Look your best

When you first start dating a woman, you try very hard to impress her; however, after a while, many men began feeling too comfortable and begin slacking. Women are obsessed with clothing and their own appearance and will quickly switch off their sex drive if you start looking sloppy, so keep yourself up, don't get complacent about your hygiene and appearance.

4. Be a challenge to her
Your attitude should be that you're the catch, and you're doing her a favor by allowing her into your life. Being a challenge to women is a good thing, so learn to make yourself less available and more unpredictable. Keep contact with other single women and make lots of female friends. If she knows that you have options and that she might lose you at any time, her desire will be increased and she will work harder to make sure you don't get away.

5. Don't smother her
Last but not least, don't allow yourself to become a clingy, approval-seeking doormat who calls her numerous times a day and constantly showers her with gifts. If you smother her and act insecure, she could start feeling trapped and leave. Remember, insecurity is not attractive to women at all.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Getting Dating Advice From Women

When women give you dating advice, they try to help you with the best of intentions. The only problem with following women's advice is that sometimes their minds are as confusing to them as they are to you.

Although women can provide you a detailed map of the female mind, what some want and what they say they want not quite different and confusing. There are times when a woman's ideal of what she wants in a man more often than not doesn't match the type of man she falls for when she's presented with real-life choices. For example, most women will tell you "we're looking for nice guys", but when it comes to their basic instincts, they’re really attracted to a man who is somewhat arrogant and mysterious. That's why women date jerks.

Some women will also tell you to just "be yourself", but let's be serious--no one is their actual self when they first meet someone they're attracted to. Most women try to put out the most beautiful versions of themselves when they're on the prowl, and they expect the same from you. Women do want to get to know the real you, but only to a certain extent at first.

Don't completely abandon hope when it comes to seeking help from the women. Making female friends is a good thing, and dating advice from women can have its benefits-- just be aware of your sources.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Meeting Her Friends

A woman’s friends have a huge impact on how she will perceive you.
Most of her girlfriends will give you a fair shot, so it’s crucial that you stay on their good side.

It says a lot when your girlfriend wants to take you around her friends, so make a good impression. What she tells her girlfriends is very important to your relationship. One of the best ways to get your girlfriend's friends to like you is to engage in a good conversation. If her friends ask you a question, communicate clearly and make a good conversation out of it.

If you know you're meeting one or more of her friends for the first time, wearing something casual will make them feel comfortable around you. Even if she has a really attractive friend, don't stare. Remember, her friends are watching your every move, and while the girl you're starring at isn't looking, her other friends might be, and maybe even your girlfriend. Flirting with her friends is a sure way to get yourself dumped.

When you are around her friends, be very smitten to your girlfriend. They will love it. Doing things like paying for her food and complimenting her are things that can make a woman feel warm inside. Her friends will take notice and will have good things to say about you when you leave.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

5 Tips For A Great First Date

First dates are very fragile affairs where two strangers unite to test out their compatibility. When women are on first dates with men, they analyze every little thing their date does. So how do guys handle this high stress situation and ensure they don't completely ruin a first date? The following guidelines will help you know how to act when you're out with your lady so that you have more of a chance of making her want a second and third date.

1. Choose the right venue
By choosing the right venue for your date, you're setting the mood for the evening and not giving her the wrong impression. Women want something that’s not too cheap, but also not too expensive, so think a nice cafe or a romantic restaurant.

2. Be a gentleman
Despite what many women say, chivalry isn't dead, so show her that you're a gentlemen by holding the door open for her, pulling back her seat, and taking her coat for her. Under no circumstances should you consume more drinks than you can handle. No woman wants to have a drunk guy hitting on her across a dinner table.

3. Be natural and don't dominate the conversation
You should always act natural on a first date, so don't pretend to be someone you're not or agree with everything she has to say. Make her feel comfortable and keep the conversation simple by avoiding debates about sex, religion or politics and don't do all the talking. By giving her a chance to speak, you're letting her know that you care about her opinions and want to hear what she has to say. Furthermore, you can learn a lot of things about her without revealing too much about yourself. Remember, keeping mystery in your dating is very attractive, and the less you tell her, the more she'll want to know about you.

4. Pick up the check

Guys, the rule is simple: you really should offer to pay on the first date. Just as dressing nice is important on your first date because you want to show her respect, paying for her coffee or meal sends the same message. Even if she offers to pay, be the big shot and pick up the check yourself. Also, don't forget to tip.

5. Don't rush things

If she wants to invite you upstairs after you've dropped her off, good for you. Even if she says no to a ride home or sex, don't consider the date a total loss. Even a hug or kiss at the door is better than a slap in your face.

Saying Your Ex's Name in Bed

Yes, she knows you have had intimate moments with other women, but every woman wants to think she is the only one. Saying an ex’s name during sex blasts can destroy those illusions, blow her mind out of control and bring up certain questions, like, “Do you think about her while you are having sex with me?” and “Do you wish you were with her?”

If you make this huge mistake, be extremely apologetic and be prepared to do whatever it takes to prove to her that she's the most beautiful, intelligent and sexiest woman you have ever met. You'll have to prove to her that it was an honest mistake, that she is the only one for you and that you don’t think about anyone else but her until she forgives you.

Using Condoms

If you refuse to wear a condom, you can expect to have your services declined. Condoms are not sexy, but accidents can occur without them. Always use good quality condoms and learn how to effortlessly put one on by practicing on your own, not during the heat of the moment. You could end up with sexually transmitted diseases or even worse dealing with unwanted babies from having relations with women who trap men with pregnancies if you refuse to be smart. So don’t argue when she asks you to wear a condom.

Keep in mind that condom breaks do occur, and when they do it can cause a lot of anxiety. If the condom breaks, remain calm, take a breath and relax. That will make it easier for you to make ration decisions. If ejaculation has occurred, pull out carefully and shower or wash your genital area thoroughly with soap and warm water. If the condom breaks during having sex and before ejaculation, stop immediately, pull out and apply a new condom.

This is not a guarantee that you will both be safe, but it will help increase your chances of avoiding a mishap. Avoid wearing two condoms at once because the friction can weaken the condom. Use water based lubricants to decrease friction that may weaken the condom, but never use oil based lubricants as this can weaken the condom. And remember, never reuse a condom.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Turning Women Off With Body Odor

It's perfectly acceptable to have body odor at the gym where everyone sweats heavily; however, allowing your date to experience something this grotesque before she's ready can have devastating consequences.

Body odor is a combination of bacteria and sweat. While sweat is actually odorless, it is bacteria that live off perspiration on our body, creating the bad smell. One of the reasons some men smell more might be because they have higher testosterone levels and are usually more physical than women. Then again, some guys stink simply by virtue of poor hygiene wearing clothes that haven't been washed for a while.

There are plenty of ways to downgrade your B.O. Shower at least once a day with a deodorant soap in order to get rid of dead skin cells and scrub areas that get especially sweaty (like your armpits, crotch, and butt). A good antiperspirant or deodorant containing aluminum or zinc will clog sweat glands, so bacteria have nothing to interact with. Furthermore, regularly washing your clothes and cutting down on coffee, cola, chocolate, and other types of caffeine will reduce B.O.

It doesn’t cost anything to take a bath and to make an effort to look and smell nice. Remember, body odor is an instant turn off and your date will assume that this is how you are all the time, even if you are just having a bad day.So if you want positive attention from women and eventual sex, keep yourself clean.

The Art of Kissing

Many women put a lot of stock in a man’s kissing ability. Some women even claim that a first kiss is a solid early indicator of how the relationship turn out. It ranges from the light pecks that convey a simple feeling of respect and appreciation to the passionate French kiss.

The first step to kissing is known as finding her comfort level. Make sure she is ready for a kiss and do not start anything until she is comfortable. The timing of the first kiss is essential and is the first step to increasing her desire for you. Wait until she’s paying attention before you lean in for the kiss or things could get really awkward and remember to keep your hands to yourself unless she says otherwise.

An important factor in kissing is your breath. Trust me, you don't want to be turning women off with bad breath. Keep it fresh and brush your teeth regularly, floss, and use alcohol-free mouthwash. Don’t go overboard with breath fresheners, but do make sure that the smell and taste of your mouth isn’t offensive in any way.

Remember to keep the drool under control and make sure to wipe your nose beforehand. Also, if you have a really bad breath problem, get it sorted out you really need to get it sorted out or you may never be kissed again.

Top 5 Body Turnoffs

Lots of women let themselves go once they're in a relationship, but men are just as bad. Keeping yourself up and maintaining sexual attractiveness is very important, but as a relationship wears on, laziness and complacency can begin to creep in. If you think she will love you 'til the day you die no matter what you look like, think again.

Although women are usually far more tolerant, they still appreciate guys who take care of themselves to ensure they look good not only for themselves, but also for them. Here are 5 male body blunders women find most offensive and if you have them, you'd better get to work to get rid of them!

1. Man boobs

This is the area she most looks at when she looks at you're naked. A man's chest is one of a woman's favorite places to rest her head, along with nibbling on your nipples and caressing you. A man’s chest is a treasured place for women, so having a posh pair of man boobs is a major turn-off. Invest in some weights and learn to use them properly. With some focused attention, you can easily transform your man boobs into pecs she'll love.

2. Excessive pubic hair

Pubic hair needs to be trimmed no matter what. If you consider that having less hair in other places makes foreplay much easier for her, you may realize you have been missing out. A great way to spoil perfectly good foreplay is for her to get a hair stuck in her mouth.

3. Hairy back

A nice, smooth back will get you places a good personality and a nice hair won’t. If you have a hairy back, it’s not your fault that you have hairy genes, but you would probably get more attention without the hair. There are some women out there that do love hairy backs, but on a whole, hairy backs are a big reason why lots of men don’t get laid. Laser hair-removal clinics are the number one choice to try. Waxing is a suitable alternative, but you must maintain it. Don’t shave it, as it will grow back quickly.

4. Beer belly

Your stomach is predominantly what a woman sees when she looks at you. The stomach is also the main source of the excess weight on a man, so if you have a saggy, protruding pot belly, get rid of it! You don’t need abs of steel, but you do need to start doing sets of crunches and of course, cut back on the beer. You will notice her delight and her increased interest in touching the new and improved you when she sees the results of your effort.

5. Bad teeth

Broken and stained teeth drastically change your appearance and will cause you to lose you more women than you’ll ever know. Get your teeth cleaned regularly by a dentist and invest in home whitening kits. If you have missing or broken teeth, get them fixed. Consider it an investment in your sex life.

Being attractive can be hard work for some people, but on the whole a little bit of effort goes a long way for most of us. While your lover might insist she loves you just the way you are, it doesn’t mean you can’t improve yourself a little. Whatever you do, do it just as much for yourself as for her. It won’t go unnoticed.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

5 Traits of a Gentleman

Being a gentleman is important when you are in the company of a lady. Being a gentleman when you are on a date means showing a woman that you are attentive, respectful and well-mannered. We should all strive to be gentlemen at all times; however, many men today shy away from it, attempting to respect a woman’s space and equality. Here are some tips that can show you how to be a true gentleman and possibly double your dating.

1. A gentleman holds the door for a woman

Holding the door for woman makes her feel respected and reflects well on you as a person. Do not race your date to get to the door first as this appears insincere.

2. A gentleman pulls a chair out for a woman

You should ensure that your date sits down before you do. Doing such is a mark of respect, good manners and shows that you care about making her feel comfortable.

3. A gentleman turns his phone off during the date.

When you are on a date, your date should be made to feel like she is the most important person in the world to you at that moment. One of the rudest things you can do is to take a phone call in the middle of your date. Answering your phone on a date means that your date cannot interact in the conversation and is left sitting uncomfortable, waiting for you to finish. Remember to switch your phone off and reply to any missed calls after the date is over.

4. A gentleman avoids using profanity

You should focus on being articulate and being capable of expressing yourself without cursing. Avoiding profanity in your conversations on dates shows that you have high standards for yourself, you respect people around you and indicates that you are intelligent. On the same note, avoid using overly long words that are difficult to understand and can make you look foolish.

5. A gentleman walks his date to her doorstep

Walking a lady to her doorstep is an extremely important component of gentlemanly conduct at the end of the date. A woman will feel safer at the end of the evening if she knows she will be accompanied right to her front door; however, never force anything or expect anything to happen--it is her prerogative to decide whether anything happens at the doorstep.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What Makes A Woman "Wife Material"

Most of us guys would like to settle down and find a wife one day. But before you do, here are some characteristics to look for in a woman to determine if she's wife material.

The most important characteristic is love. Love is having respect for each other--you can't live without each other, you laugh and dream together and prepare for a future together. It's important that she makes you feel happy inside and vice-versa and you know in your heart that you will be there for each other emotionally, physically and sexually. Aim for the type that can be a Jekyll and Hyde --that is, a woman who can easily transform from the freak in bed to the lady in the street that mom likes!

The woman who will be your future wife must be someone who you can be honest with and will be honest with you all the time. Without complete transparency in the relationship, there is ground for mistrust, and you don't want that. If you're going to spend the rest of your life with a woman, you both should be in agreement on some major issues of belief, most specifically religion and other moral stances and be in line with each other on issues of children, religion and family.

Both of you should be able to get along very well and have personalities that click well. She has to have a good sense of humor, not be totally indecisive, be able to take a joke every now and then and be at somewhat talkative. She doesn't have to look as good as superstar Halle Berry or be really book-smart with a college degree, but you do want to marry a woman who thinks logically, and makes intelligent decisions when it comes to life, in things like personal finance, and career advancement.

Avoid women with emotional baggage and never marry a woman with cruel intentions toward any one in the world. A kind-hearted woman would be respectful to others in general, and be out to do good in the world. Basically, she must have respect for herself and makes you want to be better man.

Complimenting Women

How-to-attract-beautiful-womenWomen love compliments, but if you make too many or too big a compliment, most women won't believe you and will wonder what you are trying to sell them.

Complimenting a woman is usually used by guys as a type of flattery. Women who have had enough experience with men trying to pick them up can spot this quickly, and insincerity and having a hidden agenda is the reason women find compliments repulsive. To give a compliment the right way, the most important thing to remember is not what you say, but how you say it--what you can observe about her and the setting she is in.

ompliment a woman on her character rather than her appearance and absolutely NO sexual content with your compliments--at least not until you have been physical with her. Share your tastes and opinions with her and instead of seeming like you're trying to impress her with a compliment, you'll give off the feeling that you enjoy and admire her as a person.

Give compliments with a confident voice tone and a smile on your face and never underestimate the importance of eye contact. Don't overdue it with the tone of your voice, but say it without worrying if she will accept it or not. What you can observe about her and what you can actually get curious about will supply you with the best words to use. How you deliver those words will send a strong message about how you feel about yourself, and will enhance the actual power of your words.