Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Using Condoms

If you refuse to wear a condom, you can expect to have your services declined. Condoms are not sexy, but accidents can occur without them. Always use good quality condoms and learn how to effortlessly put one on by practicing on your own, not during the heat of the moment. You could end up with sexually transmitted diseases or even worse dealing with unwanted babies from having relations with women who trap men with pregnancies if you refuse to be smart. So don’t argue when she asks you to wear a condom.

Keep in mind that condom breaks do occur, and when they do it can cause a lot of anxiety. If the condom breaks, remain calm, take a breath and relax. That will make it easier for you to make ration decisions. If ejaculation has occurred, pull out carefully and shower or wash your genital area thoroughly with soap and warm water. If the condom breaks during having sex and before ejaculation, stop immediately, pull out and apply a new condom.

This is not a guarantee that you will both be safe, but it will help increase your chances of avoiding a mishap. Avoid wearing two condoms at once because the friction can weaken the condom. Use water based lubricants to decrease friction that may weaken the condom, but never use oil based lubricants as this can weaken the condom. And remember, never reuse a condom.

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