Friday, April 10, 2009

Getting Dating Advice From Women

When women give you dating advice, they try to help you with the best of intentions. The only problem with following women's advice is that sometimes their minds are as confusing to them as they are to you.

Although women can provide you a detailed map of the female mind, what some want and what they say they want not quite different and confusing. There are times when a woman's ideal of what she wants in a man more often than not doesn't match the type of man she falls for when she's presented with real-life choices. For example, most women will tell you "we're looking for nice guys", but when it comes to their basic instincts, they’re really attracted to a man who is somewhat arrogant and mysterious. That's why women date jerks.

Some women will also tell you to just "be yourself", but let's be serious--no one is their actual self when they first meet someone they're attracted to. Most women try to put out the most beautiful versions of themselves when they're on the prowl, and they expect the same from you. Women do want to get to know the real you, but only to a certain extent at first.

Don't completely abandon hope when it comes to seeking help from the women. Making female friends is a good thing, and dating advice from women can have its benefits-- just be aware of your sources.

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