Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Wingman Approach

A concept fully appreciated by any guy who has ever gone on a date is generally referred to as "The Wingman".
There are few roles more important than that of the wingman, and in case you are not fully aware of what the role of a wingman is, he is essentially the guy who will go with you to the bar and distract your target's unattractive friends and keep them busy so that you can engage in conversation with the more attractive woman without interruption.

When choosing a good wingman, keep in mind that he he should be less attractive than you. He must also be prepared for any number of pickup scenarios and must have numerous approach techniques at his disposal. He must be the person who will always have your back and the one guy you can trust to get you out of tough situations and help you ease into the situation of meeting hot women.

Your wingman should bring up your male confidence with the ladies, let you be in the spotlight and do whatever he can to make you look good. A good wingman should also be ready to distract other guys that could be approaching, giving you time to talk one-on-one with the hottie.

He can provide you with insights on things like your body language and other things that maybe you didn't know you were doing around women
, and can also remove you from certain situations when rejection with certain women your flirting with is inevitable.

Although your wingman should be able to swallow his pride and step up to the unattractive friend to run interference, remember that it's only fair that you repay the favor, which likely means playing wingman for him the next time the both of you go out.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The 5 Best Places to Meet Women

Meeting new women is always a challenge. Crowded bars and parties may seem like great spots, but not only do you have to compete with a lot of guys in these places, but you also have to deal with the fact that
many women do not like meeting men at bars and have a natural resistance to men who approach them in these settings.

In fact, many women see men who are on the prowl at bars and parties as guys who only want one-night stands. The key to meeting new women is to approach them in places where they can get a sense of your personality and see that not only do you have interests, but you also share some of theirs. Here are 5 of the best places to meet quality women.

1. Health Classes

Women like guys who take care of themselves and stay in shape. Fitness classes are not just for women, so to meet women who also take care of their bodies and minds, think about taking a fitness class like yoga, kickboxing or CrossFit. This is in a closed environment, and since everyone is doing exactly the same workout, it makes it a lot more comfortable to socialize. Women tend to regularly attend the same classes each week, so this is a natural opportunity to get to know them over time with no pressure.

2. Special Interest Classes

Single women try to keep themselves busy, and the ones who are always learning and growing are very good to be with. You may want to consider taking special interest classes like dance instruction, foreign languages, cooking, art, massage therapy or Pilates. You may find that special someone in classes like these.

3. Libraries and Book Stores

There is always the possibility of meeting a single woman between the bookcases. Libraries and bookstores are some of the hottest places to meet single women. Places like Barnes & Nobles have places to sit down and read, and you might be able to get into good conversations with some smart and attractive women.

4. Church
Many churches have weekly or monthly activities
outside of their regular program for singles to become involved in. People in places of worship probably have more activities lined up than you could ever imagine. Consider this a gold mine in meeting single women with good values.

5. Art Galleries

You will find women at places like art galleries to be better educated, have class and confidence. If you do not know about the artists or a particular piece, act with confidence, find a woman who is familiar with the exhibit and ask her to explain it to you.