Monday, June 27, 2011

4 Ways to Keep Her Attention

Since the beginning of time, men have sought the attention of women, but very few know the
key skills necessary to make a lasting impression on the women they want. In dating, making a woman come to you is the easy part; however, keeping her attention is the real challenge. Here are 4 ways to grab a woman's attention and keep it once you get it.

1. Be mysterious

A mistake most men make is exchanging their entire life story with a woman, especially on the first date. Women like a little mystery; however, this doesn't mean you should be boring and play the silent type. It just means you should be less forthcoming with details about your life. If a woman thinks she has you figured out, she will get bored; however, feed her a bit, but keep her curiosity growing and her interest in you will do the same. Don't lie to her or play mind games, but leave something hidden which will make her come back for more.

2. Make her miss you

Limiting your availability at the onset will also raise your value in her eyes, as it indicates that you have a sense of independence. As a relationship develops, it is essential to have a life of your own, so let her know that you have places to go and people to see. Let her wonder where you are, whom you're with and where you're going, and she will hope to cross paths with you more often than you think. You know the expression about absence making the heart grow fonder? Well, it's true.

3. Be interesting

A man with ideas, dreams and ambitions is exciting to be around. Women never feel attraction for a guy they perceive as desperate, needy or eager to please, but come across as a confident, self-aware guy who has a lot going on in his life and you'll be on the fast track to becoming irresistible to women. What woman could help but pay attention to a man that is engaged in the world, capable of bringing new and enlightening ideas into her world and constantly seeks personal growth and improvement?

Improve yourself

Most guys don’t take the time to work on themselves, but just as men demand that their women be good-looking, women demand and deserve the same. If you really want to grab a woman’s attention — and keep it — then be one of the few men who take the time to develop themselves into the kind of guy worthy of an amazing woman’s attention. Make sure you choose the right cologne, develop a good sense of style, stay well-groomed and always look your best.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Top 10: Things Not to Say to Your Girlfriend

As every man knows, there are some things you just can’t come right out and say to your girlfriend. Nevertheless, we're all probably guilty of saying something that we shouldn't have said to our girlfriends, and probably copped quite bit of heat from it too. While these secret thoughts can easily slip out during brain-dead moments, many relationship problems can be avoided by simply keeping your big mouth closed. Remove the following 10 phrases from your love lingo and you’ll reap the rewards.

1. "I'm not in the mood."

There are many excuses women use in the bedroom to get out of sex, from washing their hair to headaches. But if a guy says he's too tired or just not up for a go, all she will hear is you telling her she’s fat, or that you've already got some from your hot secretary at work.

2. "I hate your friends!"

Like it or not, a woman’s friends can have a huge influence on your relationship with her. If you want to keep your relationship running smoothly, always treat her friends with courtesy and politeness, even if it means being a little fake with the ones you can’t stand.

3. "Why do you talk so much?"
Unfortunately, most men don't realize that a woman's idea of communication means listening to what she has to say. If you value the relationship, you should listen to her. Otherwise you might risk having her find another man who will.

"I think we should have a threesome."
Sorry guys, but most women will simply refuse to get involved in a situation that they believe is a potential threat to their relationship, such as a threesome. Furthermore, merely suggesting the idea of a threesome can disintegrate your relationship and make her feel as though you're not really interested in having a serious relationship.

5. "You're just like my ex."

Your current girlfriend trusts that you’ve completely moved on from your ex. Bringing up your ex in any light makes it sound as though you’re still hung up on the past. Your safest bet is to not even bring up your ex, in any circumstance, unless you want a passive aggressive fight with your girlfriend later.

6. "Your friend is hot!"

You may find her friend extremely attractive, but don't tell your girlfriend that. Even if she says her friend is pretty, don’t agree too enthusiastically. Women are competitive and even the most confident women in the world don’t want to know you’re thinking about their friends in that way.

7. "You've really put on some weight."

Even if making this statement does have the desired effect and your girlfriend goes on to drop a few pounds, she’ll never forgive you for pointing it out so bluntly and making her feel like crap in the process. So, if you think she’s put on a few pounds, keep it to yourself or consider some more subtle methods of letting her know that you’re displeased with her recent weight gain.

8. "I've had better sex."

Even the most sexually liberal woman might have second thoughts if all you do is boast or reminisce to her about how great your past sexual encounters with other women were. Depending on her reaction to this statement, you might find yourself out of a relationship and/or sexual partner.

9. "You're just like your mother."

Likening your girlfriend to her mother is a surefire way to turn her off and can lead to many relationship problems, whether you are right or wrong. Even if you meant this as a compliment, your girl will focus on the wrinkled, crabby aspects of her mother rather than the caring and nurturing ones.

10. "Why are you so emotional?"

To us guys, women are naturally irrational and illogical beings who will cry for no reason and get mad at the smallest things. But when your girlfriend is being emotional, don't ridicule her for it; instead show her some love, tough it out and listen to her.