Wednesday, April 15, 2009

5 Unromantic Gifts for Women

Men make buying gifts for women very difficult by forgetting everything they know about their partners, ignoring price tags, and not using common sense. While bad gifts can always be returned, you cannot take back the confused look on her face or her feeling disappointment. This feeling could be avoided if men would just stop and think. Here are 5 of the least romantic gifts you could buy a woman.

1. Tools

Never buy tools as a gift for a woman. This includes anything used for manual labor., e.g, vacuum cleaners, cooking utensils, gardening tools or anything that will involve her doing work. It doesn't matter if she always tells you that she needs these items, tools are never romantic. Remember, if it's something your best friend would find awesome, put it back.

2. Adult Films

Adult films are not something women want to see constantly, and they're definitely not something she wants to keep in her movie collection on the shelf.

3. Lingerie

Men and women are miles apart in the lingerie-buying department. When buying lingerie for your woman, remember that most ladies want sexy yet practical while men head straight for the hooker department. If you're not sure about how to pick out romantic, tasteful items for the lady in your life, save the lingerie for a shopping trip together and you can be there when she tries it on.

4. Pets

Pets are incredibly cute gift; however, they are also a huge responsibility, especially when you think about all the work a pet entails along with the added bills -- veterinarian, food, toys, and a ton of other things that might stretch her wallet and not be very romantic.

5. Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are definitely one of the least romantic gifts you can give a woman. A gift certificate is a great way to tell her: “I don't know anything about you, so here; go buy yourself something from a store." Don't let your girlfriend think that you only spent five minutes on her gift.

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