Wednesday, April 8, 2009

5 Tips For A Great First Date

First dates are very fragile affairs where two strangers unite to test out their compatibility. When women are on first dates with men, they analyze every little thing their date does. So how do guys handle this high stress situation and ensure they don't completely ruin a first date? The following guidelines will help you know how to act when you're out with your lady so that you have more of a chance of making her want a second and third date.

1. Choose the right venue
By choosing the right venue for your date, you're setting the mood for the evening and not giving her the wrong impression. Women want something that’s not too cheap, but also not too expensive, so think a nice cafe or a romantic restaurant.

2. Be a gentleman
Despite what many women say, chivalry isn't dead, so show her that you're a gentlemen by holding the door open for her, pulling back her seat, and taking her coat for her. Under no circumstances should you consume more drinks than you can handle. No woman wants to have a drunk guy hitting on her across a dinner table.

3. Be natural and don't dominate the conversation
You should always act natural on a first date, so don't pretend to be someone you're not or agree with everything she has to say. Make her feel comfortable and keep the conversation simple by avoiding debates about sex, religion or politics and don't do all the talking. By giving her a chance to speak, you're letting her know that you care about her opinions and want to hear what she has to say. Furthermore, you can learn a lot of things about her without revealing too much about yourself. Remember, keeping mystery in your dating is very attractive, and the less you tell her, the more she'll want to know about you.

4. Pick up the check

Guys, the rule is simple: you really should offer to pay on the first date. Just as dressing nice is important on your first date because you want to show her respect, paying for her coffee or meal sends the same message. Even if she offers to pay, be the big shot and pick up the check yourself. Also, don't forget to tip.

5. Don't rush things

If she wants to invite you upstairs after you've dropped her off, good for you. Even if she says no to a ride home or sex, don't consider the date a total loss. Even a hug or kiss at the door is better than a slap in your face.

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