Thursday, July 28, 2011

5 Ways To Kill The Mood

So you had a good date with a hot girl and the two of you headed back to your place. Things heated up and you were into what you thought was a good make-out session when suddenly she remembered that she had to "get up early" and headed home. What happened? Truth is, you may have killed the mood without even realizing it.

While there are a lot of “dos” and “dont's” in the bedroom that most guys have little trouble following, some guys always do something that screws up the whole encounter. Here are 5 ways guys kill the mood with women.

1. Saying the wrong name in bed
Calling out the wrong name in bed can definitely kill the mood and almost guarantee that you won't be getting laid by that woman again. Saying the wrong name in bed will blow a woman's mind out of control and bring up certain questions, like, “Do you think about this other woman while you are having sex with me?” and “Do you wish you were with her?”

2. Answering the phone

One of the worst ways to put a damper on things in the bedroom and insult a woman is to halt action between the sheets in order to grab your phone. Stopping a make-out session to answer your phone not only kills the mood; it tells your partner that you don't think she's all that important in the first place.

3. Verbal slip-ups

Appropriate sexual language can get a woman's mind venturing into a myriad of fantasies; however, using phrases like "Who's your daddy?" or asking can your roommate join in are surefire ways to make her put her pants back on--fast!

4. Being a bad kisser

It doesn’t matter how hot you are, if you're a bad kisser, you won't get past first base. When you start approaching to embrace her, remember to control your tongue and avoid kissing her forcefully. Learn the art of kissing and refrain from fumbling around in her mouth, shoving your tongue down her throat or licking her chin, teeth, forehead, etc..

5. Poor hygiene

Mistakes such as not being clean in the appropriate places and having bad breath are highly inconsiderate and can make things come to a screeching halt. If sex happens spontaneously, as it often does, it doesn’t hurt to excuse yourself, go to the bathroom and quickly wash up before getting down to business.

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