Friday, April 15, 2011

5 Reasons to Stay Single

While being married may provide certain benefits, choosing to stay single can keep the door open for many more options and opportunities in your life. Your male independence is something you should never surrender lightly, even if you think you've met the woman of your dreams. So, if you're not sure about taking that long walk down the aisle, here's 5 reasons to stay single.

1. More time to find the right woman
Too many guys rush into unhealthy relationships and get hitched for the wrong reasons, i.e., they've reached a certain age, all of their friends are getting married or they fall for the first woman that shows interest in them. Staying single gives you plenty of time to play the dating game, find your true soul mate (if she even exists) to pop into the picture and avoid the mistake of a lifetime: marrying the wrong woman.

2. Your late nights are all yours

For bachelors, every night is a guy's night out. While guys who are married have to constantly compromise and do what their wives want to do (whether they like it or not), the single man often has more spare time to indulge in impromptu plans that don't include chick flicks and boring book clubs.

3. More time to spend with your friends
Being single is the time to build friendships that can last a lifetime, not put your buddies on the back-burner. When you're single, you're absolutely free to hang out with your friends, party until 2 a.m., and sleep 'till noon. On the other hand, once you get married, you risk losing some of your good friends because she doesn't like them and tells you can no longer hang out with them. Even worse, you gain new friends that you never even wished to have.

4. You can focus on your career

Single men can focus more on their careers to achieve their full potential without draining the tons of energy a permanent relationship entails. Being single allows you remain free to put in extra hours, work on the spare of the moment or do whatever else you need to do to be successful while also being able to spend all the money in your paycheck however you see fit.

5. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want
When you're single, you can go anywhere you want, do anything you want, any time you want without anyone stopping you or asking you why. You can use the shower as long as you want, watch your favorite TV shows, enjoy your personal space and even go to the bathroom with the door open if you choose. You can hang on to that classic sports car, the motorcycle, the boat -- all of which seem to disappear overnight once you get married.

Best of all, you get to enjoy deafening silence when you feel like you need to be alone and not be subjected to a woman's never-ending mood swings, nagging or her blaming you for everything that she screws up in her own life.

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