Sunday, March 22, 2009

Overcoming Rejection

How does a man deal with rejection? The answer is simply-- don't worry about it.
There are women out there that will like you--you just need to find them! -but the trick to almost eliminating rejection is that out of all the women you meet, ONLY go after the ones who actually like what you have to offer.

A woman who truly likes you will make time to be with you and will never be too busy for you. When you're interacting with various women, observe how they act around you and how they react to you . If a woman smiles at you a lot, touches you,'ll know you're on to something.

If you notice these signs of flirting, show her you like her by flirting a little. If she flirts back, she's probably interested. If she doesn't she might not be romantically interested in you. Don't get down. Remember meeting women is about numbers, so continue to improve your self-confidence and go out and meet as many women as possible.

Consider rejection as a "second opinion" of sorts. A woman who rejects you might have sounder judgment in the matter of a possible relationship than you do. She may have good reason to believe that the two of you are not suited for each other, saving both of you grief and pain in the future. This just means that she was not meant for you and absolutely doesn't mean you are worthless as a person--just that you should find somebody else.

When meeting new women, keep in mind that you can't win them all, but remember--The right woman will tell you if she's interested if you pay attention to her.

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