Wednesday, March 18, 2009

5 Dating Mistakes Men Make

There are some big mistakes that most men make when trying to figure out how to pick up women. Ask yourself if you've been guilty of any from the following list.

1. Lying to women about your intentions

Don't lie to a woman and tell her that you want to settle down with her if all you really want is sex. There are plenty of women who only want casual sex relationships.

2. Constantly needing a woman's approval of you
If the woman has a mind of her own, she will not agree with everything you say or do. Nobody really wants to date someone exactly like them and women definitely are not attracted to men who are being too needy. Be willing to disagree and with her and challenge her thinking also.

3. Being "Mr. Nice Guy"

You don't have be a jerk to pick up women, but you don't have to be extra polite just for them to like you either. You have to realize that sexy women are used to having men kiss up to them. Being too nice is usually a red flag to most women. Instead, just be yourself and don't be afraid to make jokes with them.

4. Talking negatively about yourself
Constantly listing all your faults and flaws to a woman is a sure to make her stay away from you for good! Put your best foot forward and remember, sometimes silence is good. Instead of talking too much about yourself, try listening to her more and encourage the woman to talk about her interests.

5. Wasting time with the wrong women
Don't get desperate and waste your time at the bar with unsuitable or unresponsive women just because they show a little interest in you. Use your instincts to know if a woman will be trouble for you and stop chasing them. Set clearly defined criteria of what you want in a woman. If the woman you're talking to doesn't suit your criteria, move on and find the type of woman you want to spend time with.

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