Sunday, March 22, 2009

How To Talk To Women Without Being Rejected

So what do you do when a woman rejects your attempt to start a conversation with her?

If you approach a woman and she doesn't want to talk to you, give yourself credit for trying. Pat yourself on the back and move on. You don't know what's going on in her life -- she could have a boyfriend, or just be having a bad day. Either way, it might not have been you.

Going out of your way to talk to a woman shows desperation. Imagine what it's like to be a woman for a moment and you notice a guy walking up to you in your peripheral vision. Most of the time, a woman will know what a guy wants before he even opens his mouth. So he's actually telegraphed his intentions just by the way he walked up to her. Most women don't like being "hit on" or having a man express sexual interest until they're attracted to him first. So if you walk directly up to a woman out of the blue, generally you're expressing your sexual interest by doing that.

When meeting men, most women prefer it when a meeting and interaction just "happens" in the moment, whether accidentally or by crossing paths. The idea is to use honest conversation starters without pick up lines. Keep the conversation interesting and focus on her and really listen to what she says. Then, follow up with another question that goes along with what she just said. When this method is properly applied, it will keep the conversation interesting.

Be sure to close the deal-- meaning, ask for her phone number. A good, respectable way would be to say something like "You're really easy to talk to, can I have your number so that we can talk again sometime?" or "I had a great time talking with you and I'd like to see you again. Why don't you give me your number so that we can do this again?"

When meeting new women, just because one tells you "No thanks " doesn't mean it's the end of the world. In reality, women who reject you are really just strangers who have no idea what a nice guy you are. There are women out there that will like you--you just need to find them!

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