Saturday, March 14, 2009

Conversation Starters With Women

Conversation Starters With Women
Conversation is the most important tool used to create rapport with women. Women base things on feelings. So have you ever stopped to think how your words could make a woman feel? When meeting new women , here are some guidelines for conversation starters that will keep her feeling good and keep her interested in you.

1. Keep her talking about herself and
use her name. Don’t try to impress her. Don’t brag about yourself or you’ll get precisely the kind of woman you don’t want, the one who’s only into you for your achievements and possessions, rather than for who you really are. Women love to hear their name.

2. Don't discuss negative things that could arouse negative emotions. Being negative could destroy any chance of healthy conversations or potential good relationships with desirable women.

3. Do not get in the habit of complimenting her too much.
It is one of the signs of being needy and can work against you very easily. Don't put a woman on a pedestal--if she's so great, why is she talking to you? Treat women as your equal, not as someone better or lesser than you. You need to believe and act like you are just as much of a good man as she is a good woman.

4. Don't be afraid to disagree with her. Women don't respect a man that doesn't express his own opinions. Constantly agreeing with her is another sign of desperation.

5. Don't seem too interested. Yet another sign of desperation. Just be friendly until she has shown attractive personality qualities.

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