Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How To Keep Her Interested On The Phone

If you want to talk your way into a woman's heart, you'll need to do some of that talking over the phone.

Learning to skillfully handle phone conversations with women can make the difference between hearing things like "I just want to be friends" and developing a fantastic relationship.

Whether your trying to ask a woman out for the first time, you're already in the dating phase of a relationship or just simply thanking her for a good time after a date, it's important to know how to open and keep a good phone conversation and create some interest.

One of the most important things you can do is mentally prepare to talk to women on the phone and make sure that you have something significant to say. Crappy phone skills can ruin a woman's impression of you, so in order to work the phone well, you must have confidence in your verbal abilities.

If you've just acquired a woman's number, wait at least a couple of days before calling as calling too soon will make her think you have no real life of your own and that your just desperate. However, if you wait too long, she may get upset with you, or worse, forget who you are. Try calling her when you're in a great mood, relaxed and most like your true self and as far as the time of day, call her later in the evening for best results.

When she picks up and the two of you begin talking on the phone, be assertive and bold. Don't stumble over your words or use the same old boring lines like "what'cha been up to?" Instead, engage in a successful and interesting phone conversation by asking her open-ended questions. They are essential for making the conversation flow and shows that you are interested in her.

Listen to her answers and ask follow-up questions. Getting her to talk about her interests and hobbies moves the conversation in the right direction. Keep her on her toes--play with her, tease her and always display your male confidence. Humor is always good, but don't overdo it or you’ll come across as a clown and she won't take you seriously.

Nothing is too personal for women to talk about over the phone, and women can spend hours discussing their deepest and most intimate secrets, so to avoid this you need to stay in control of the conversation and steer it away from any deep, emotional drop-offs. Don’t take the bait and get roped into an hour-long conversation where you’re telling each other your life stories.

You’re a busy guy and the purpose of the phone call should be to lock down the next time you’re going to see her in person. If your phone time starts to consist of discussing her darkest fears, childhood traumas, and other emotional baggage, there's a danger of you drifting into the dreaded FRIENDZONE!

All conversations must come to an end, so when the conversation starts to wind down and you both run out of things to say -- it's time to sign off. The whole conversation should last no more than about 15-20 minutes. Try to be the one who ends the conversation and get off the phone.

Using sincere statements that let her know that you enjoyed the conversation will leave her thinking "What a nice guy. He's actually interested in me." End on a high point, be somewhat humorous, always leave her with a positive impression about you and never get into the ”You hang up,” “No, you hang up" game.

Remember the purpose of the call is to get her excited to meet you and being a challenge to women is a good thing. By always leave her wanting more, you will ensure that the two of you will still have plenty to talk about when you're face-to-face again.

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