Sunday, April 18, 2010

Being Stood Up

Being stood up

So you met this girl and the two of you really hit it off well and she agreed to meet you on Saturday night; however, when Saturday night comes,
you're left standing at the bar for a while desperately hoping that she'll show up. The bartender has refilled your glass several times over and other patrons have been looking at you with sympathy. As much as you don’t want to admit it--the truth is you are being stood up.

Being stood up can be devastating, especially after all of the time it takes to get ready and the time spent anticipating the first date; however, in a situation like this, try to understand what happened and give her the benefit of the doubt before jumping too conclusions.

Check the time and place of the date to make sure you didn't make a mistake. Maybe your date forgot about your plans. She may have made an honest mistake, or she may have had an emergency. After about thirty minutes, give her a call and leave a voice mail message or a text if you have to.
If she had an emergency or work issues, think about rescheduling the date if she contacts you before the end of the night, is apologetic and has a good excuse.

If your date doesn’t respond to your initial phone call or text, forget about her. There is no sense stalking her or being too needy and seeming desperate just to find out why you were stood up. Act with dignity and keep your self-respect intact. If you find that your date indeed stood you up on purpose, there is no point in sitting around in your nice clothes for nothing. Remember to have a good time and make the most of the situation by spending some time by yoursel
f or even having fun with a good friend.

When meeting new women, take being stood up as a sign that things wouldn't have worked out anyway. A woman with a high interest level wouldn't forget a date with a man she's truly interested in. A woman who truly possesses class and consideration would have either kept her commitment to meet with you, or at least let you know she wasn't interested upfront. A person never gets a second chance to make a first impression, especially after standing you up on the very first date.

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