Wednesday, March 10, 2010

5 Dating Mistakes Women Make

There are women out there who will unknowingly sabotage a potentially great relationship that could have gone somewhere by scaring a man off right at the beginning. Although your perfect match may not come exactly as you envisioned, beware of the signs of emotional baggage and the following 5 undesirable dating behaviors women do.

1. Pushing their friends on you

Avoid women who push their friends on you too soon. Try getting to know a woman for a month or two and learn what she's all about before you meet all of her friends and be put on display as her boyfriend.

2. Being clingy and possessive

A clingy and possessive woman can’t go anywhere or do anything without you. This type of woman will adopt your interests, call you twenty times a day and lose control anytime she’s not around to monitor your behavior. If she sees you speaking with another woman, she'll immediately run over and start grabbing your hand. She will smother you and destroy any chance of you missing her because because the two of you are never apart.

3. Trash talking other women in front of men

A huge mistake many women make is trash-talking other women in front of the man they're dating. For example, you are out with him when a woman walks by wearing a skimpy short skirt. You say, "Look how slutty that woman looks!" Women who make comments like this to guys are telling you that they're not confident in the way they look and that they are very insecure.

4. Always talking about themselves

There are some women out there who are only concerned about what is going on in their own life and sharing their insights. Avoid women are full of themselves and come off with a stuck up attitude. Although most women are more verbal than men, it takes two to have a conversation. If she's not interested in anything about you or what you have to say, it's time to move on.

5. Going back to bad boyfriends

How many times have we seen a woman who finds the courage to break free from a terrible relationship where the guy didn't love her, slapped her around and didn't appreciate her unceremoniously go right back to him only months later. Avoid women like this at all costs.

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