Saturday, March 27, 2010

5 Signs She's Not Trustworthy

Why Women Lie
Getting involved with a woman you can't trust can cause some serious problems in your relationship. Here are 5 of the warning signs that the woman you're dating may not be trustworthy.

1. She's dishonest with you and you catch her telling lies, or, she might just keep things from you to keep you at a disadvantage; that way, she can pick and choose what to tell you. She might withhold information from you and lie outright in order to maintain a sense power over you and to control the way you think or feel.

2. She constantly gossips about other people. When dealing with a woman like this, if you tell her your deepest secrets, she's going to tell everyone she knows.

3. Whenever you try to make plans with her to meet your family or get together with your friends, she makes up excuses to avoid meeting them. Also, she never brings up the subject of meeting her family or friends. A manipulative woman who tries this kind of trick likely has control issues and will continue to dominate you.

4. You would think that after a few dates, any normal woman that was sincerely interested in you wouldn't mind you calling her at home, but with this type of woman, most of the time you can't get in touch with her and she offers no explanation. You keep asking for her phone number at home and she refuses to give it to you.

5. She's always late for dates and offers no apology or explanation or makes up lousy excuses.

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