Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Traits of a Good Wingman

A wingman is more than just your dating coach and motivator. He's the one guy you can trust that will do anything for the good of the mission, which is to get you hooked up with a hot girl. Here are 3 traits a good wingman should possess.

1. He keeps you at your best

A good wingman will not be afraid to let you know if your breath is bad or if your cologne is too strong. He'll also make sure that you're looking sharp and help you improve things like your posture. A good wingman can read your body language and act accordingly to help you score your target. He'll also make sure that you don't start talking too much or start acting obnoxious around women--behaviors which will make the ladies avoid you altogether.

2. He runs interference for you

A good wingman will run interference and engage anybody who's trying to move in on your target, whether it's another guy or a girl. If it's a guy, a good wingman will get in his way and box him out so you can continue working on the hot girl. If it's another woman, he'll start a conversation with her and distract her long enough for you to move in on your target.

3. He understands his mission and keeps you motivated
If you approach two attractive ladies, a good wingman will give you first dibs on the hot one and keep the less attractive girl distracted, sustaining the other girl's interest so you can move in on the target. The good wingman will boost your confidence and will put you in the best possible light, talking you up at the right times to keep you looking good. He'll gather info on the desired girl from her friends. He'll let you know if she has a boyfriend and will find out what her turn-ons and her turn-offs are. He can also sense whether you're on the right track or just wasting time with the wrong woman.

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