Monday, November 2, 2009

The Right Woman for the Single Dad

Any woman you choose to date as a single father will impact your child in some way, so when you make the jump back into the dating scene as a single father, you have to carefully consider the qualities to look for in the woman who may one day be part of your child’s life.

Any woman that wants to be a part of your life has to understand that when you are an active single father, your kids have to be your priority. When dating as a single dad, the best woman for you has to have the ability to be a sufficient female role model for your children. She should also be fun to be with, flexible and child-friendly. Remember, you are looking for a woman who is caring and treats your kids with a lot of love, so finding out early on how a woman feels about kids will help you weed out the ones who have very little interest and/ or dislike children altogether.

The woman you're dating should be patient and understand that as a single dad, you always have to be prepared for the unexpected regardless of your child’s age, like those nights when you'll have to cancel that intimate date and rush your little one to the emergency room. A good woman will automatically understand that you have enough love in you to share with her as well. If she isn't flexible and throws tantrums when your kids dare to take your time away from her, you should stop seeing her.

Juggling between drama-queen girlfriends and your kids just does not work out. As stated earlier, any woman you choose to date as a single father will impact your child in some way, so trust your instincts and avoid any woman who gives you any wrong vibes. Chances are if your gut says no, this woman probably isn’t right for you or your children.

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