Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How To Tell Your Child You Met Someone

Meeting someone when you’re a single parent is tough, but telling your child that you have met a new woman can be even harder. Along with your child’s fear of being replaced, you’ll also have to deal with his/her fear of potentially having an evil stepmother.

Such fears are, from an adult’s perspective, unfounded, but to your child, they are completely legitimate and need to be addressed. So, how do you tell your child that you’ve met someone? Here are some suggestions.

When it comes to single parents and dating, the best thing is to be honest with your children upfront. Being a single father, the best time to tell them that you have met a new woman would ideally be after sufficient time has passed and you feel that they’ve completely adjusted to you not being with their mother.

During the conversation, ask your child how he/she feels about you dating as a single dad and the fact you’ve met a new woman. Telling your child how you actually met your new woman and some of her characteristics upfront will prepare your child and make it emotionally easier for the time when they do meet the new woman in your life.

Once you have their blessing, remember--the most important step for a single father dating again is to remind your child that he/she is, and will always be, the most important person in your life and that no woman is going to come into your life and take you away from them. Give them that respect and chances are they will be happy for you.

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