Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dating High Maintenance Women

Although there is nothing wrong with a woman who sets high standards for herself, most high maintenance women have certain traits that men should avoid by all accounts.

High maintenance women are those who need many things to be happy, namely lots of money, material goods, affection and a great deal of attention. These women put great effort into looking like a million bucks at all times and are obsessed with all aspects of their personal appearance and grooming in general.

These "girly girls" tend to be perfectionists, overachievers and self-centered. They have an almost obsessive attention to detail and enjoy lots of attention, compliments along fancy dinners at the most expensive restaurants. These women show almost all the signs of a gold digger and demand the best of all things and will let you know when she's not pleased. They will keep you on your toes, refusing any response from you other than absolute respect and demanding perfection from you also.

Although they may make you look very hot, the worst pitfall to dating high maintenance women is dealing with their vanity. Other negative traits accompany vanity, such as being overly critical of her appearance and constantly finding faults in all your best efforts. These women also have a undeserved princess mentality along with having tendencies to blow huge amounts of money (particularly your money) on things like manicures and tans in order to keep up with every new trend to impress others.

She may also take herself too seriously and not be able to withstand even the slightest teasing about her personal appearance. Most of these women feel that they are above certain tasks and are not very good partners for men wanting a stable, long term relationship.

For men who like to be challenged on a daily basis, a high maintenance woman is a good choice; however, you must realize that no matter how fine they look, most of these women do not make for good equal partners in a relationship.

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