Thursday, November 19, 2009

How to be a Bad Boy

Ask 100 single ladies what type of man they want and they'll tell you that they want a nice guy with a sense of humor who will treat her right. But then the same women will turn around and fall all over themselves trying to date bad boys who will use and abuse them. So what is a nice supposed to do to attract women? How can you get attention like the jerks women run to so much?

The secret is to learn to take the following typical bad boy traits and actually spin them in a positive direction to make them work for you -- in other words, the following tips will show you how to use the typical bad boy traits that women love without really giving up your gentleman status and turning into a jerk.

1. Become more independent
Bad boys are extremely independent, make their own decisions and run their lives by their own rules. So begin getting involved in your own life and your own interests and make plenty of time for male stuff you enjoy. Never change who you are to please a woman. Act as if you could care less about getting women and never let them know what you're thinking.

2. Keep your confidence high

Even if you don't look like a young Brad Pitt or Shemar Moore , you can still attract lots of women simply by displaying strong male confidence. Don't be the usual insecure guy who acts weak all the time, caters to women and agrees with everything they say. Instead, be decisive, don't hesitate when talking and voice your opinion without worrying about offending others.

3. Don't be afraid to be sexual

Don't be afraid to expose your natural masculine sexuality to women. Bad Boys are all about showing their natural sexuality and women appreciate confident lovers. This doesn't mean that you should go around looking at female chests and butts all day, but you should be comfortable and confident enough about being a man to let women know you're attracted to them without being disrespectful.

4. Become more exciting
Women are turned on by guys who live exciting lives and aren't afraid to take risks and have adventures. That doesn't mean you should be leading safaris through Africa or start BASE jumping off large buildings. Instead you should have interesting stories to tell and have a few hobbies that make you stand out from other men.

5. Make women chase you

Women always want what they can't have, so make yourself busy and scarce and never allow yourself to be desperately hanging around women, hoping one of them will talk to you. Guys who are too available are boring, so learn to become a challenge to women and let them do some work to get you. Bad Boys are independent, involved in their own life and their own interests. Remember, always be a challenge and let her do work to get you.

Once you learn to utilize the 5 tips discussed in this article, you'll unlock the perfect 'bad boy' attitude and transform yourself into the guy women secretly desire.

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