Thursday, October 29, 2009

What She Tells Her Girlfriends

It’s not a big secret that women talk, but you need to understand the role of your woman's friends in her life and the life of your relationship. A woman's friends play the roles of sister, therapist and sometimes even a mother. What women tell or don’t tell their friends depends on their mood and how much they are into you. Among her girlfriends, happiness is shared jubilantly; however, dissatisfaction will be dissected.

A lack of communication in a relationship can be a source of frustration and women will turn to their friends when they need an outlet. When girl talk turns bawdy, many guys fall under immense scrutiny because unlike men, women talk about their problems, normally disclose intimate details and get relationship ideas from one another. The more you make your woman feel special, the more positive her conversations about you will be with her girlfriends. As long as you treat your woman good, you won’t have to worry about any possible embarrassment down the road.

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