Sunday, September 6, 2009

When She Won't Return Your Calls

So you met this attractive woman at the bar. The two of you chatted, she reciprocated all your flirts and by the end of the night you had her digits. However, a few days passed by and you consistently called her only to talk with her voice mail. So why didn't she return any of your calls?

A lot of women have been taught that the way to “hook” a man and keep him wanting more is to play hard to get. And not returning your calls right away (or at all) is one of the techniques some women use. On the other hand, it is often much easier for them to play nice and give you their number instead of shaking their heads and saying: “Sorry, I’m just not interested.”

Think hard about your interaction with her and the way you carried yourself and ask yourself some questions like: Were you interesting or boring and predictable to her? Were you a challenge or were you overly sensitive in front of her? Did you say or do something offensive or did you kiss up to her too much? Did she discover something about you that made her rethink her decision to answer your calls?

Wait it out for a few days to a week. If you still haven’t heard from her by then, you need to realize she's showing you one of the biggest signs that she's not into you and it's time to move on. Whatever you do, do not go and visit her without her consent. Showing up suddenly might seem like the ideal solution to getting some communication going, but showing up at her door will not only only upset her, but also make her think she now has a stalker as well.

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