Monday, September 7, 2009

Love in the Shower

There are few things more romantic than loving each other under the showers. Making love in the shower can be a great experience given that your shower isn't the size of a toilet. And when you both get inside, you can go at her from all angles. Before beginning the love act, give a quick bath to each other. Then you can begin teasing your woman's senses with warm touches on her erogenous zones. Make her yearn for more with every touch.

After rinsing away the soap from her body, begin making love to her using the various kissing techniques and experimenting with new sexual positions. You may want to experiment a little by introducing a burning scented candles in the bathroom or placing a stool underneath the shower for a more tantalizing act.

Although shower sex can be quite pleasurable, there are precautions you have to consider.
Water will dry up natural lubrication from a woman’s body, which can lead to unpleasurable sex. Be sure that you are prepared with lubrication that is not water-soluble and will make penetration a lot more comfortable for both of you. If you plan on using a condom, know that water and condoms do not mix.

Hot water and chemicals, namely chlorine, can affect a condom’s durability. You also have to consider that there is an increased chance of the condom slipping off in the water. Footing is also an issue. You need proper footing to give thrust, so you might want to invest in adhesive grips for the bottom of the tub. As long as your safe, shower sex should be fun and make for better intimacy between the two of you.

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