Monday, September 7, 2009

Sensual Baths

Giving your woman a sensual bath can be a heavenly experience if you know what you're doing. Keep in mind this type of bath is not intended to cleanse her body; it's to help her feel relaxed, sexy and spoiled.

Some essential ingredients necessary to make such an evening perfect are some small candles to light the room. Choose a scented one, preferably vanilla, cinnamon or cherry. Buy some of her favorite romantic foods for her to nibble on like chocolate, strawberries, etc.. Purchase some roses or her favorite flowers. Get her favorite champagne or her favorite wines. Get some bath gels, wash cloths and big, fluffy towels for drying off and provide a comfortable robe for her. You can also mix some of her favorite songs to help set the mood.

Draw the bath with bubbles or oils and ensure that it's a comfortable temperature. While the tub is filling, set up the music, the towels, the candles, the drinks and the food so they're easily accessible without getting wet or knocked over. Put the candles on the corners of the tub, the sink and the floor. Take the petals from the roses or her favorite flowers and put them into the water.

When the bath is ready, cover her eyes, bring your woman to the bathroom and open the door to present the scene. Ensure that you have already cleansed your body beforehand, because this type of bath is all about her. Get her naked, put her in the tub and take the water in your hands. Have her lean against you and give her a few sips of champagne. Then, hand-feed her a few bites of the fruits you brought for her. Squeeze the bath gel onto the bath sponge and lather each part of your her body. Take your time, lathering each part slowly.

You can also use your hands to explore her body and play around by rubbing the inside of her thighs, her clitoris with your clean fingers, rubbing the back of her neck, and even massaging her breasts. Continue massaging her skin as you pour the water all over her, rinsing her off while enjoying the feel of her skin while engaging all of her senses during the bath until she can no longer take it. When she is ready to come out, use one large towel to cover her body and the other to cover her hair. Gently towel dry her body, lay her on the bed and apply her favorite lotion to her body.

Although sex will likely follow, the goal is to take the time to spoil your woman silly by making her feel special and giving her an evening that she will tell all her girlfriends about.

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