Friday, September 25, 2009

5 First Date Mistakes Men Make

Women always notice the little details, and when it comes to first dates, most men don't know when they're messing up. Remember, the first date with a woman is crucial, and performing any of these 5 mistakes below may destroy your chances of ever getting a second date.

1. Being poorly groomed

Poor grooming includes body odor, having bad breath, botching your shave job, and wearing wrinkled clothes. Don't forget the basics. Always check yourself in the mirror for a last minute touch up before approaching her.

2. Having weird habits

Avoid displaying nervous ticks, picking scabs, constantly licking your lips or displaying any other little tics that make you look nervous. Before you start talking to her, take a deep breath and focus.

3. Staring at her breasts

One of the worst things you can do when talking to a woman is to seem more interested in her breasts than in her face. Men who stare at cleavage and talk to women like their objects are unlikely to get many dates.

4. Looking at other women

When you're caught staring at other women, you can expect to be constantly accused of things like lying and cheating. You must give her your undivided attention. Keep your attention on her the whole time and when you're talking to her, don't let your eyes roam around the room, checking out other beautiful girls.

. Being stuck on yourself
Talking too much about yourself could make you look narcissistic and lower her interest level. When you talk to her, keep the conversation focused on things like her career, family and her likes and dislikes and avoid talking about sex, politics and religion until you know her better.

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