Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Alpha Male

Male" is a term used to describe
to the guy who is confident, attractive, muscle-bound and wealthy with relatively high economic status who has a strong ability to get the most attractive women for mates. Alpha males are more about exhibiting traits that are essentially masculine and tends to "lead the pack".

The fact is that a lot of women are more attracted to alpha males than any other type of male. The alpha male in adult society is most likely to be most at ease with women. Being a bad boy playfully cocky with humor is a typical alpha male quality that can make women extremely attracted to you, and other men look up to and respect you more.

On the down side, questions remain as to whether the alpha male can retain mates. Many of them tend to be prominent in society but have poor track records with women, either involving themselves in a succession of failed relationships or marrying one woman after another, with no marriage lasting for very long.

At work, the alpha male may be a natural leader, exuding confidence, but also may be demanding and difficult to work with. The alpha male is constantly attempting to retain his stature as alpha, or "number one." Being the top worker or the most aggressive boss may contribute to remaining at the top, and the alpha male has a tendency to respond aggressively to any attempts by others to outshine him.

Dating relationship statistics show that many alpha males seem to share many traits with Narcissists; however, a real alpha male doesn't have to be a jerk. True alpha males have no mystery method to attract women, exude male confidence and are simply men who have done the work to be good at interacting with women and expressing their romantic selves.

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