Monday, February 9, 2009

How to be a Nice Guy (And Not Finish Last!)

When a single woman is asked what she wants in a man, she will usually claim that she wants a nice and caring man who they can talk to about anything; however, the same woman will then date a guy who is the the exact opposite--an egotistical, self-serving jerk who treats her like crap.

Because of this kind of treatment, many good men consider giving up being a nice guy after repeated rejections from these women. So if nice guys are what women really want, then why is it that most nice guys are single?

First, you have to realize that when a woman refers to a "nice guy" she is NOT referring to the type of man who is nervous and always says "yes", tells women that he has feelings for them too early, becomes a doormat for women and never takes the lead on dates and in relationships.

Women perceive guys like this as desperate, needy and eager to please and they never feel attraction for them, let alone chase him. These behaviors and actions listed above will absolutely DESTROY the attraction a woman feels for you and leave her headed straight into the arms of that jerk who will furnish her with tons of roller coaster emotions and dump her once he has sex with her.

In order remain a nice guy and not finish last, you have to know exactly what a woman's version of a nice guy is. That means being a guy who is confident around women and other guys, expresses what he wants, refuses to be a pushover, makes conversation in an interesting way with women, knows how to amuse and excite her and takes on the masculine role in relationships and knows how to continuously be a challenge women.

These tips can help transform you from a nervous nice guy type into the kind of man that all women are desperately looking for. Come across as the guy who has a lot going on in his life and couldn’t care less if he gets women and you’re on the fast track to drawing women to you instead of having to do all the work or becoming an absolute jerk.

Remember, nice guys don't have to finish last with women if they have the right type of confidence and approach that allows them to feel natural attraction.

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