Monday, February 9, 2009

Single Dads and Dating

Most single fathers crave for the companionship of female company even more than single guys and having someone to share with, to laugh with, and to trust again. Although there's a void in your heart now that aches to be filled, prepare yourself and your kids before you become a dating single parent with the following steps:

1. Make taking care of yourself a priority

Doing this shows self-respect and it's a reflection of your personal boundaries.

2. Widen Your Circle of Friends

Make an effort to establish deeper friendships. Deeper relationships can enrich your life, and new friends will also introduce you to their friends, who might become great companions.

. Get out of the house regularly
When your children are accustomed to your going out occasionally, and being a dating single parent won't seem like such a shock to them.

Be observant of relationships around you
As a dating single parent, you must pay attention to the relationships around you. Doing so can help you identify not only the type of woman you are looking for-but also the type of woman you're not.

Talk with your kids about dating
Take time to talk with your kids about your desire to date. Be honest with their questions and clue them in to your intentions. Make sure they know that you are looking for the right woman for you, not a replacement mother for your children.

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