Wednesday, February 11, 2009

5 Keys to Successful Online Dating

meeting women online
If you are new to meeting women online, using these tips for online dating can improve your chances of finding romance:

Be unique and create a strong online dating profile
When using online dating websites, lies or exaggeration might get you somewhere at first, but in the end they will only get you in trouble. When you find a match that seems interesting, preferably local single women, send her a quick message and start by talking about something she mentioned in her profile. That shows that you took the time to read about her. That alone will make you stand out.

2. Be honest

You don’t want to spend time with someone unless they like you for who you really are, so let her know who you are from the start. At the very least you want to see her picture before you meet. Make sure that the photo seems like it is a real person, is consistent with her description and not a female celebrity photo. Ideally, you would like to see several of her pictures in different settings so you can get a better feeling about her. If she keeps coming up with excuses to avoid providing a photo then you dealing with one of the many internet dating scams.

3. Don't get discouraged

When doing on line dating, you will probably send lots of messages that won’t receive a response and have exchanges that will end after just a message or two. Don’t let that bother you. It doesn’t mean that women don't find you attractive. Most often, it just means the women have too many messages to respond to or they are too busy. Just keep trying. If you are both patient and persistent you will eventually have some success with single online dating.

4. Don't scare her off

When dating on line, you are trying to get to know someone, so don’t give her a reason to run away. Stay away from topics like sex, politics or anything else controversial when you are first getting to know each other. Remember to be casual. Nothing will run a woman off faster than a man who quickly seems to be obsessed with her.

5. Be safe
If you have made a good connection with someone online and you think there might be some sparks, exchange phone numbers and speak on the phone. When you do finally decide to meet, do it somewhere where there are lots of people and little pressure just in case something goes wrong on your date.

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