Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dating a Tomboy

If you ever find yourself falling for a beautiful tomboy, don't be in a rush to make rash generalizations about them. Although they may enjoy more masculine traits, they can also be very beautiful and have a girly side. The tomboy may not wear short skirts, dresses and a lot of jewelry, but she can still look very attractive.

Most tomboys are athletic, would rather hang out with guys and play sports rather than go shopping with girls. Very much like you, she's into sports, computers and has more guy friends than girlfriends. Their wardrobe mainly consists of sweatpants, t-shirts, shorts and sneakers. They resist conventional feminine standards--avoiding pink clothes, lipstick, and nail polish--and often excel in sports.

A large number of guys find tomboys attractive;however, a big mistake men make when dealing with tomboys is assuming that they have no interest in romance and passion. Although she may not be a high maintenance woman who's into getting her nails done, lots of jewelry or does not follow the latest fashion trends, being a tomboy doesn’t stop her from being a woman and wanting to be treated with respect and sensitivity.

Tomboys can be sexy in their own right and way and often get mislabeled as bi-sexual or lesbians just because they're different from the average "girly-girl". Most of the time a tomboy will be friends with a guy before she starts liking him and once they do become romantically interested, they tend to get more uptight around guys they like because they want you to think of them as women.

Remember, a tomboy might have a hard shell, but she is a woman after all. When dating a tomboy, she might take time to open up, but she is also loving and compassionate like other girls. If you show you’re willing to treat her like the lady she is, you will score big points for seeing past the whole tomboy image.

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