Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dating a Divorced Woman

dating-a-recently-divorced-womanDating a woman who's been married before is a bit different than dating someone who's never been married. You may wonder why a man in his right senses would let such a jewel slip through his fingers. Although there are two sides to every story, keep in mind that there may be some serious reasons why she is divorced. When dating a divorced woman be cautious and take early precautions.

First off, take it slow and realize that this is no doubt a very confusing and difficult time for her. Women with emotional baggage can be very vulnerable at this point, so give her time to heal and sort through her emotions. If you want the relationship to move forward , take this opportunity to learn more about her and avoid rushing into things and become too attached. You also have to recognize that because of at least one bad experience with a man, this, she may be a bit careful and more protective of her emotions, no matter how well you treat her.

After being with someone for a long period of time, it can be extremely difficult to be alone, so make sure that she's not just jumping into a relationship with you just because she's lonely. Another issue is that she could still have feelings for her ex, and it's always a possibility that if her ex tries to come back into her life, she may take him back.

Check to see if she still wears her wedding ring. If she does, that could be a sign that she isn't quite ready to start dating yet. Is it marriage she wants or is it just a casual fling that she is pursuing? Talk with her to see where she sees this relationship going and make sure that you're not just the fall guy.

If she's a divorced mother, you must understand that the relationship is a package deal. Being faced with the scope of her parenting responsibilities may take away from the romance between the two of you. Remember, when dating a single mom, make every effort to make a good impression on her kids and no matter how you feel about her ex, NEVER badmouth him in front of their children. This will cause your date's children to resent you and that will greatly lower the odds of your relationship working out and progressing.

It is indeed possible to have a great and fulfilling relationship with a divorced woman, just remember to take it slow, evaluate what you really want and see what happens from there.

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