Sunday, January 17, 2010

8 Signs of a Bad Relationship

Many failed relationships occur because the person jumped in too fast and wanted too much too quickly, and failed to spot red flags early on. Every relationship has its ups and downs. But if there are only downs, you are probably stuck in a bad relationship with the wrong woman. Here are some of the most obvious signs of a bad relationship:

1. You no longer have strong feelings about her. You've stopped feeling affectionate towards her and the relationship has become more of a duty that you have to carry out.

2. You’re being emotionally abused. She makes you feel worthless by using cruel words, rude remarks and a controlling attitude.

3. Sex with her feels like an obligation.

4. You're irritated by her voice and you can't wait to get off the phone with her.

5. She's a drama queen. You have a feeling of continuous frustration about the relationship and feel that only her needs are being met.

6. You have deep resentments toward her and you’re finding more reasons to spend time away from her.

7. You’ve put extreme distance and/or totally cut off close relationships you used to have with your friends and family.

8. You’ve changed your values and beliefs to accommodate her and become who she wants you to be.

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