Thursday, March 22, 2012

Is Three Really A Crowd?

If you ask men what their ultimate fantasy is, chances are they will likely respond that it is making love with two women. Almost every man who has the opportunity to have a three-way love-making experience will take it, but what are the chances that taking it to the next level can actually ruin your relationship?

Let's face it--men who make love to two women are revered by their male counterparts. It gives a man a feeling of accomplishment and achievement, making him feel like the ultimate alpha male. But have you ever considered the consequences of three-way lovemaking for both you and your partner?

For any self-respecting woman who is in love, sharing her boyfriend with another woman can be a traumatic experience that can trigger all kinds of negative emotions for her ranging from jealousy and embarrassment to possessiveness.

Think about it--asking your woman to have a three-way means that you are confessing your desire to make love to another woman. Just the thought of that will not only give her a sense of doubt, but mistrust will creep in and she will think you are cheating and are not satisfied by her.

Still not convinced a three-way could ruin your relationship? While you might be excited at the idea of being with two women at the same time, would something switch in your view of your girlfriend if she asked you for a threesome with another man?

Imagine how hard it would be to return to a normal relationship once you've seen your lady in bed with another guy. Even if you're in to that sort of thing now, how willing would you be to make her your wife and have some kids after watching her get it on with some random stranger, or even worse--one of your buddies?

When it comes to threesomes, they're never a good idea unless you have an open relationship with some chick you see no real future with. If you're in a very loving, secure and serious relationship, this type of fantasy should stay just that--a fantasy.

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