Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Attracting Women With Jealousy

Jealousy causes women to do crazy things and feel
very powerful emotions that range from love to hate. When it comes to dating, jealousy can make a woman buckle up, fight more and give more.

For a guy, knowing how to provoke this powerful emotion out of a beautiful woman can give you the upper hand in the dating game.
The only aim of getting a woman jealous is to give her the impression that you are the prize and that there are others who would readily grab you if she messes up even the slightest bit. Women are very competitive and if they sense you are in high demand with other women, more than likely they’ll compete to win your attention.

So, how exactly do you use jealousy to attract women? Let's say you're in a bar and there are two women there. One is attractive and you like her; however, the other one is not so attractive. You approach both women, but the entire time you converse and flirt with the less attractive woman much more than with the attractive woman. Most of the time in this scenario, the more attractive woman will try and work harder for your attention.

In a similar scenario, let's say you're flirting with just one woman and she won't give you the time of day. Simply turn around and go chat up another girl in her vicinity, acting like you've forgotten she even exists. At this point, the first girl who paid no attention to you will definitely be observing your behavior, and the second girl's camaraderie with you can easily induce a fit of jealousy. In this situation, don't be surprised if the first girl (who didn't have any feelings for you until she saw you with the second one) makes her way toward your direction in a hurry.

Let's give you a third scenario. Say there's a girl that you like in your social circle. It's a good idea to start hanging out with her close female friend. This way, you have a greater chance of producing jealousy in her, which can lead to attraction. Also, you can try strategies like ignoring the girl you like the most when you are with a group of female friends. This way, she will wonder why are you talking with the other women more than with her.

Now that you've got the idea, you should
be on your way to making women want you. While this is not a fool proof strategy, remember--women can be very competitive, and if a woman knows that you don't have any trouble meeting other women, it will often inspire her to feel even more attraction for you--whether she realizes it or not.

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