Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Top 10: Signs You're Husband Material

Whether you’ve been dating for a month or a year, if things are going well with your girlfriend, she has wondered at least once or twice whether you might be marriage-worthy. While the answer isn’t going to be identical for everyone, there are definitely some must-have traits that a woman looks for when it comes time to dedicate herself to one single man. Here are 10 signs you're husband material.

1. You don't notice other women
The last thing a woman wants is a husband who is always looking in the other direction. Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to literally ignore women. It means that you shouldn’t relate to these women in a way that suggests attraction.

2. You have sensitivity
Women want to marry the type of man who can let down his guard around her and show his soft side; however, this doesn’t mean that she wants you to cry at chick flicks. It means that you're sensitive enough to understand your emotions, acknowledge them, and communicate as much as necessary.

3. You've got your stuff together
You're smart, live on your own, know how to cook, have a steady job, and you're independent both financially and emotionally. While your woman shouldn’t expect you to buy her everything under the sun and pay all of her bills, you should be able to provide for yourself and help her along the way if necessary.

4. You genuinely care about her well-being
You listen and remember when she tells you what makes her happy and go out of your way to accomplish it. You take her views and opinions seriously and are willing to sacrifice for her.

5. You're not commitment phobic
You're not at all hesitant about introducing your woman as your one and only and you have no negative self-beliefs about commitment, love and relationships.

6. You're protective of your woman
You make your woman feel safe, secure, and cared about and your attitude around her is consistent. She knows that deep down if anything were to ever happen to her, you’d be right there to protect her.

7. You practice humility
You are mature enough to admit when you're wrong, apologize and really mean it.

8. You can make her laugh
You're able to see and appreciate the humor in everyday life, which is a great quality in a mate. Mutual laughter is an essential component of a strong and healthy marriage.

9. You've introduced her to your family and friends
You're committed to making sure she feels included in all parts of your life because you are proud of the relationship you have with her. You're not only serious about your relationship-- you want everyone in your life to know you're together.

10. You keep her happy in bed
You consistently please your woman in bed and the intimacy between the two of you is on point.
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